On Winter and Sitting Alone



Sitting Alone


I’m sitting within myself

holding fire in my hands

visions of my slumber

I dream of not sleeping alone

but it’s just me

sitting here, in the field of forever

holding the fire of passion in my hands

I’m just gonna stand here and watch it burn

walking through the empty city streets


in between coffee and cigarette butts I shall walk

with the visions of tomorrow in my mind

my brain, wired with the thoughts that plague it daily

even the clouds weep for me

Did I hear someone whisper to me?

Did I hear the voice of my future beloved?

I speak often with the faith of a child

life destroys me with it’s smile of reality

I live in this little bubble

Maybe I’m in too deep

sometimes the silence feels like the crows that follow me

other times the silence softly commits murder

to the small pieces of faith you have

in Never Never Land

In the early morning hours I rise


through the city that fuels me

with visions of tomorrow on my mind

my brain, wired

The trees are weeping for me

the trees, ever remembering the past and it’s pain

they cry for me

lie for me

raise their hands for me

in hopes that there be a god in heaven to hear my hopes for the future

this kind of life

some sort of scene from a greek play

while others lie on the street naked

mad from life

I lie near the cemetery gates

and await the next phase of my life


Right, so it is quite cold in this part of the world. Freezing, actually. It makes me wish I lived in a warmer climate, but knowing me, I’d miss the cold. I like the change of seasons. I do. I love looking at the beautiful full moon while standing at the edge of the ocean at night in the summer, or going hiking in the fall with my daughters. I love that it’s cold during Christmas time. These things, they give you something to look forward to. I look forward to sweater weather of the spring. I look forward to being able to go out with just my boots and a sweater. I love the changing of the seasons.




Winter means hibernation. Winter means staying home and baking and and making art all night. It means hearing me bitch about the cold, not going out for a smoke at night, and watching cop shows on television. It means keeping up to date on my favorite kinds of music (thanks to Youtube). It means projects. It means ideas. It means staying in. It means being lazy. Winter means Santa Claus. It means yarn and crocheting. And knitting. But winter, I’m tired of you. I’m tired and I’d very much enjoy a bit of spring and summer. I really would.

Oh, here’s a couple of bits from my art journal:

(This piece was a collaborative effort between my daughter Dakota and I.)


This page is probably wishful thinking. It’s funny. Nothing has jaded me more than online dating. I was actually propositioned on a popular dating site that claims to help you find your “match”. Then on another site that claims to help you find love and marriage, I found a guy who has a girlfriend, and just wanted a side piece. I’m unsure as to why he was on a dating for intention of marriage site, if only to perhaps find a “nice” girl to take advantage of. Too bad for him, that this nice girl, is also one hell of a bitch. Oh the wonders of online dating. I think I’ve really decided to not take anyone I meet there seriously, simply from the experiences I’ve had.

Oh, but I have a new zine I just recently published. Take a look:


It’s my latest book of poems that speak of the Latina experience from my perspective. Some things are sweet while some are of a political nature. You can make my weekend wonderful by CLICKING HERE TO PURCHASE.

The Moon, the Stars & A new Vlog Post

So, I made some new art:


This one was a do-over. I painted over an old painting I hated, and got this from it. This is layers and layers of Deco Art paints and paint sprays, scraping tools, fiber paste and mediums.

This piece is about being able to look at the Moon and Stars in the sky, and feeling so inspired by it all. It’s about looking up into a sky that is not filled with city smog and thinking of how grand it all is, in the scheme of it all.

This piece is for sale HERE.

I also created a new video. Yay!


I do not claim to be perfect but I hope my words help you in some way.


Journal Page Step by Step

I just finished a journal page, and managed to make a step by step video of my process.

Here’s the video:




And the pictures:


This page is about intentions. What are your desires? What are your intentions?



I love to surround myself with positive words and phrases, especially in my visual journal. To me, it reaffirms these words, to paste them in, and see them as I create the rest of my page.






So this is my page. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope you enjoyed my little step by step video! I know it is not the most perfect, but practice does make perfect, so bear with me, and I’ll become an ace at video editing!




The Stag


Made some new art:



This is the Stag. The stag is an animal spirit that comes during a transitional period in your life, bringing you the confidence to start again, and begin your new path.

The Stag is an animal with strong (obviously) male energy and powerful intuition. As a totem he represents poetry, writing, and the performing arts. The deer in general always brings a sort of grace into your life, and as a masculine energy, the Stag brings a an energy of protection, that allows you to move forward in this transitional time, without fear of losing your self.

So, the Stag is a sign of abundance. This, I didn’t know.

I paint animals and images in nature that represent something to me, and that attract something or conjure feelings in me that I need or want. This is why I love animals so much. I feel like when I keep the images around me, it creates in me the feelings that they represent to me.

I’m keeping this painting because it is my favorite, so this one is not for sale. But I may have prints available soon. Maybe.



This makes me feel like I can do anything; like I can accomplish anything, and like maybe I can make my dreams come true. I love surrounding myself with ideas like this because it just makes life seem more pleasant. It is much more boring to focus solely on life as science and realize that this quote is not scientifically correct.

PROMPT: When we let that go, and think of it in a sort of fantastical mythical kind of way, what happens? What happens when we let go of the word NO and think only of the word, YES? What happens when we think solely that what we dream of is and can be a reality?



Enter the Dragonfly

I’m a big believer in creating your own inspiration. I know many of us as artists, we often want to wait for the magical moment when we go through a manic phase that inspires us to create like mad, but this does not happen frequent enough. For the artist, art is like a drug that must be taken in daily.

So, I create my own inspiration, and of course wrote about it in my e-book that I have for sale. One big source of inspiration for me in nature. I love nature, but not in the same sense as others may say, where it is pretty to look at and nice to photograph, though that is true. I love nature for the way it makes me feel. I feel restored in nature. It gives me the same calming effect that painting has on me. It is like this unstoppable force in nature that makes me feel alive. So these days I have been painting quite a few things that I see in nature.

This is the Dragonfly. Dragonflies are symbolic of change, and of transformation. They speak of the ability to adapt to change, and delve deeper into your emotions.

This painting is about exploring the inner self, and seeing what it is you have to say to the world, in a time when perhaps you’ve gone through a major transition.

These paintings are not really auto-biographical as are my poems and illustrations. These paintings are me looking at myself from the outside, seeing what I like and what makes me feel things inside.

This painting is FOR SALE HERE.



Art Journal Flip Through


Recently I got a new camera, and that being so, I decided to do a little flip through of my in progress art journal. It is in progress because it’s not all full yet.

So this is my little art journal! I should mention that all the stencils and acrylic paints are provided by Deco Art.

I really love working in a cheapie composition notebook because it just feel so much more fullfilling. It’s like it does not matter if I screw up, because it’s cheap paper. I love it. Lynda Barry, one of my favorite living artists, uses cheap yellow lined paper. You know, the kind that you get from that temp job at the office? Yeah, that.

I also love using a composition notebook because I can write AND draw and paint. I feel like I do not want to commit to having one art journal just for painting. I want one book where I can write lists, make art, and write poetry and vent when I have to. So that’s why I use a cheapie composition notebook.



The Bird Takes Flight


So, I just finished making this new sculpture. I’m really excited to show you a few pictures:



Here it is. You like it? I used the reversed side of a pre-stretched canvas, Americana Acyrlic paints by Deco-Art, Deco-Art Media misters, and Deco-Art media Fluid acrylics (and paperclay).

Oh, and a close up:





So that is my project! Do you like it?

I created this based on a poem. It reads:

From the flames a bird rises

and takes flight

from the fire and ash, she rises to live

and love



This short little poem comes from the idea that sometimes when relationships end, we often want to think just like the song by the Doors:



We want to think that this is the end of finding love again, but I believe in love. I do not know if there is a god, nor if there is a heaven above, but I know that love has incredible power. Love creates. Love heals. We are beings that have been called to love. And so, I believe that love can happen again, and that is what this artwork is about.


Make a Book of Desires – Part 2


Today there’s a full moon. So of course, I, being the silly and superstitious woman that I am, decided to finish up the Wish book I had made. If you want, HERE’S a LINK to Part 1.

In part 2, I show you how I finished it up, before I personalized it with deep personal writing.

There’s no wrong way to do this, okay? I just went crazy with making fun backgrounds, then did some fun collage work.

Here’s the pics:


That’s the cover. I remembered that I had even more washi tape. Why is it that washi tape is like crack cocaine? It’s like….you can’t just have the one roll. You’ve got to have twenty.



So this is what I created. I hope you enjoyed my wish book, and I hope this encourages and inspires you to create your own book of desires!

I used Americana acrylic paints and stencils by Decoart, as well as my trusty glue stick, scissors, and clippings from magazines. I wonder if fashion magazines know that I only subscribe to them for the collage supplies. Ha. Anyway, if you make something like this, comment back and let me know! I’d love to see your take on this project.

Did you enjoy this post? Do you feel that you want to create art, but you aren’t motivated? Or maybe you’re just not inspired? As an artist, when you feel a lack of inspiration, it can feel so depressing. Often it becomes frustrating, and you become unhappy with yourself.

I know how that feels because I’ve been there. I know what it is like to want to create and not feel motivated or inspired. It took me years to develop a method to create my OWN source of inspiration, and stay inspired. For years I struggled, researched and did a lot of work to develop a way for me to pursue inspiration and creativity so that I can remain inspired. Now, I’ve written my method in a book, that I call, “Free the artist within”.

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Affirmations are wonderful tools for pursuing your art and creating the kind of life you want. No matter what your religious persuasion (or lack thereof), we can all agree that affirmations are great things not just for making you feel good, but for reaffirming what you want out of life. Constant reminders around your home will keep positive thoughts in your mind, and keep positive energy around you, therefore helping you create the life you want.

Right now, I offer custom made affirmation cards in my shop. These cards will be custom made for you. No two sets are alike, so your set of cards will be unique handmade original art made by me. CLICK HERE for more information and to purchase!


Make a Book of Desires and Wishes-Part 1

It’s almost the end of January, but at the begining of each year, I always make something artsy and crafty that displays my desires, intentions and wishes for the coming year. It’s a great visual way to tell myself and the universe what I want out of the coming year.

This year, I decided on a wish book. I’ve been doing a lot of collage work in my art journal, and decided on a book. Now, usually I make a shrine, but a book was fitting this year.

I made a basic accordion book. Basically all it is, is cutting up paper, folding it, and taping the pages together with washi tape, like this:


Now I used:

Deco Art Media Shimmer Mists and Misters in various colors

Assorted Stencils by Deco Art

and Acrylic paints (Also by Deco Art)


I can’t remember who made this paper, sorry. The truth is, I found a whole stack of scrapbook papers from years ago, and this is one of the pieces.

Toilet paper rolls, corrugated cardboard and acrylic paints. Yes!

Here’s a fun thing I do: instead of cleaning up my stencils when they are wet with ink spray, I just rub them on another sheet of paper, and create a background like this. This page was a result of that, plus scraping up the left over paints and such. Cool, right?

So this is part one, and in part two, I’ll show you the collage work I’ve done. I’ll post that up next week.

I created a new prompt for you!

As artists, comparing is something we tend to do often. We compare ourselves to other artists that we may look up to, or artists that seem to do better than we financially. But what happens when we do this? Comparing is a horrible thing. And while a bit of friendly competition may help you strive higher, it is a better thing to step outside of yourself, and become a better you.

This is one thing I’ve applied to myself as of late. I think the time I started comparing myself was when I started painting. It was a challenge because my kids’ father is a very talented artist. Living with a person who has a high caliber of talent can be a bit intimidating. When you look to others as your source for goal-setting and dream-making,, you end up with disappointment. People will always let you down in one way or another.

But when you choose to look at yourself outside of yourself, and just choose to work on you, and improve who you are both artistically and personally, you find that you’ll never truly be disappointed.

PROMPT: start thinking about what you see when you step outside yourself, and look in. What do you see? What images pop up?

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On Declaring What You Want

Ask and you shall receive is what people tell you, both in religions and in the law of attraction. I’ve learned lately the idea that like attracts like. So if you concentrate on being broken, on feeling broken, and feeling lonely and sad, you’ll likely attract people who are in the same boat.

I decided to work on some collage work in my visual journal today, in efforts to sort of decide what it is I want in life. Or rather, to declare myself on a page. Take a look:


I  had forgotten how much fun it is to cut and paste images from magazines in a fun way. I even found a folder with scrapbook papers and magazine clippings I had been saving. It’s fun to do this. Fashion magazines really have lots of images and words that lend themselves nicely to collage work and mixed media. Another neat tip: find some vintage magazines. Those are loads of fun to cut up!

I love little colorful bits of papers. I love that she has her eyes closed, perhaps in a prayer to the universe or something.

So, for some of us art is our passion. But then, we get to the point in our artistic journey where we’d like to make a buck off of our talent. After all, doesn’t everyone want to make a living doing something that they love? Sure. We all do. The thing about it is, we need to find a balance, and find a way to shape our art as a way of life, instead of as a way to pay the rent. When we do this, the money does indeed follow.

PROMPT: How can you make your art more about making a life then a living? What is the difference to you between having a life and making a living? Are they one and the same for you? If so, why?


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