New Poem: On the Dark Side of the Moon

On the Dark Side of The Moon On the dark land of the moon  Therein lies my spirit  My essence is there  Find me where the moon dwells  Look for me  Seek me  Offer me words and pretty things And as does the moon I … Continue readingNew Poem: On the Dark Side of the Moon

I am that: I am.

What I am now Is not what I was Who I am now Is not who I once was The Girl who hung her head in shame and Dared not tell others she Sees the dead and collects tarot cards and owl figurines The girl … Continue readingI am that: I am.

On Choices

Sometimes our bad choices are based on impulse, based on a lack of sobriety, based on friendships we may have. It reminds me of an old TV show are used to watch it was a very sarcastic clown and at the end of each “lesson … Continue readingOn Choices

To be worried about rainbows

You have to kill who you were born to be to be who you want to be.  But why is it that often, this is exactly what we do not do? All of my life I thought who I truly am. My entire life, I’ve … Continue readingTo be worried about rainbows

Newest works

So today I thought I would show you some new watercolor paintings I’ve just finished. I’m unsure if I told you or not, but I have decided to work on a full set of tarot card paintings in watercolors. This is mostly because I want … Continue readingNewest works

Simple Peace Sign Earrings Tutorial

I made a pair of earrings for myself and I thought I’d show them off to you, and provide a little video of how I made them. They are smaller than what I normally wear or make, but sometimes you need a more simple pair … Continue readingSimple Peace Sign Earrings Tutorial

On Adulthood, Addiction, and What a friend is.

Is happiness something to be achieved or is it something that we choose to have no matter what our circumstances?  And if life is shitty, does it mean we’ve failed?  A former friend wrote something as her status update on Facebook, that has left me … Continue readingOn Adulthood, Addiction, and What a friend is.

On Responsibility, and a new video

There seems to be confusion as to what is my responsibility, and what it means to be a good friend. So let me spell it out for you: My life, my children, my cat, and my partner- these are my responsibilities. But YOUR life, is … Continue readingOn Responsibility, and a new video

Power, Emotions and Colorful Accessories

Why is it that the most powerful ones on the earth are always the ones that get overlooked? Why is it that the ones who are the strongest always suffer the most? Do universe or society likes to label certain types of people in certain … Continue readingPower, Emotions and Colorful Accessories

On making needs known, and a new video

Sometimes you don’t have any more fight left in you. Sometimes you don’t have anymore left to try or to give. Sometimes you feel so wasted from trying I’m trying to change, from trying to be the right person and trying to do everything that … Continue readingOn making needs known, and a new video