How to Make a Rumi Inspired Journal Page


The two things I love in life is art and poetry. I especially love it when they go together.

One of my favorite writers is Jal-Adin Rumi. His poems are beautiful and meld spirituality with art very nicely. So, I decided I would take a clip from one of my favorite poems of his, and create a journal page for it. Follow along, so you can make one too!

First, here’s the poem:

Inside this new love, die.

Your way begins on the other side,.

Become the sky.

Take an axe to the prison wall. Escape.

Walk out like someone suddenly born into color.

Do it now.

You’re covered with thick cloud.

Slide out the side. Die,

and be quiet. Quietness is the surest sign

that you’ve died.

Your old life was a frantic running from silence.

The speechless full moon

comes out now.

-Jal Adin Rumi


Like I said, I love how spiritual his poetry is, while not being associated with one religion or another.

Now for the journal page.

For this, you’ll need:

DecoArt Media Misters and Shimmer Misters

Heat Gun

Rubber Stamp

Pigment ink stamp pad (in your favorite color)

Black marker

Washi Tape


Magazine Cut out

Pretty papers

I like to lay out all the supplies I think I might need.

So, the first step, is getting out a rubber stamp. For this, I had to dig through my stash of rubber stamps that were forlorn and neglected, having been packed away when I moved here from Brooklyn. I hadn’t even used them yet, can you believe that?


Here’s what it looks like when stamped on the page. I should also mention that I applied gesso to this paper before I got started.

Now you’re going to need your misters, a spray bottle with water, and a heat gun.

What you’re going to do, is your going to get your misters and spray your page with it. It doesn’t have to be neat. Just work intuitively. Then, spray some water over it, liberally.

Now quickly with your heat gun, go over what you just sprayed down. The air from the heat gun in addition to the water you spray down, will make the colors spread around the page rather nicely. I love the messy drips here and there. It is almost as if the ink creates it’s own art.

Once that’s dry, have fun with a couple more colors. Play around with it, using light mists of color, to sprinkle the page with a bit more vibrancy.

Now, if you want, let’s get a stencil, and a contrasting color ink.

After I did that, I went over the page with some white ink, then used a scraping tool (you can use an old credit card or used gift card), to have the effect shown here.

The pages were getting a bit weak at the binding, so I used washi tape, to keep them together.

The rest is easy. I used a picture of a girl from a magazine, and pasted on the left, then on the right, I used a line from the poem aforementioned. I used ProMarx Ultra Fine in black, in the tip size 0.5.

Oh, and for her mouth, I just wrote that in some pretty gold paper I had. The moon is just a piece of white thick paper I had that I cut into a circle. And, voila! You’ve got yourself a Rumi inspired journal page.

Did you find this inspiring? I hope you did! If you make anything from my tutorials, I do hope you post pictures on my facebook page!

If you want further inspiration, sign up for my 7 day art challenge! You get a mini e-book with daily tips for 7 days worth of art and inspiration!



Love went flying



Love went flying


From all the tired horses and migrant workers


It went flying

From the blistering sun

From the Coney Island dancers

From that first kiss on the boardwalk, love

It went flying


And from the windy nights

And the rainy mornings

From the children I birthed and the

Sound of their laughter, love

It went flying

From the depths of yesterday’s pain

From last night’s tears, love

It went flying


Further than his bones buried

And while seeing his smile captured on posed photographs, love

It went flying


From the sound of my childhood church choir

And from the sound of virgins crying and weeping, love

It went flying


Over cities and under trains

From the lips of the homeless woman on 42nd street, love

It went flying


From the blood on my thighs

From the kiss that led to loss

From the sweetest friend to an enemy now

From an empire of hurt, love

It went flying

From the broken down palace

To my broken dreams

From the castle of pain

To the methods of escape I built, love

It went flying


And while rain taps on my windowsill

While I’ve lost my two best friends


It went flying


Over his grave, with the smell of loose joints and cafe Bustelo


Over her grave with Newport 100s and the butterflies she so loved


It went flying


And in between cigarettes

And the ash and soot they create

Over memories

Of Clifford Maceda

And Elizabeth Rivera DeGarcia, love

It went flying


With my empire of tears

With my coffee and Johnny Cash songs, love

It went flying



It went flying

It went flying

It went flying

It went



My dear friend Cliff, I miss you so much. I can’t believe you’re gone. I can tell you though, that each death I’ve mourned in my life has taught me a lesson. Each death I’ve grieved has evolved me in one way or another, and this time I embrace the evolution. I embrace the change.

Your death has taught me that life is to savored and experienced at full tilt. Life can be as delicious and incredible as we choose it to be.

How to Make Accidental Journal Pages

Blog title

So, last week I showed you how to make your own affirmation cards. This week, I’m going to show you how you can make one, two, or even three journal pages at the same time as making the aforementioned cards.

For this project, you’ll need the same supply list as last week.

DecoArt Misters and Shimmer misters

DecoArt Acrylic paints & palette knife

scraping tool-I just use a credit card

Spray bottle with water

Heat tool (embossing gun, but for this project, you can try using a blow dryer)

When you’re working on some affirmation cards, or when you’re making your mixed media art, it’s a good idea to have some paper handy, so that your sheets and everything else don’t get all wet.

When I’m working on a project, I keep my art journal handy, so I can clean the paint off of my brushes, or pallet knife. I actually started doing this because I didn’t want to keep using cloth towels. First of all, I would eventually run out. Secondly, using paper to wipe off brushes and art tools makes for a fun and “accidental” journal page.

I also love using stencils in this method also.

When I made my affirmation cards, I laid out my cards against my blank page, and spray away, using DecoArt Shimmer Misters.

It’s so much fun, and it’s great because while you’re working on whatever it is that’s on your workspace, you then also create another work of art. AND it’s a great way to recycle your stencil ink.

What I do is, once I’ve sprayed my stencil down on my project, I take it, still wet with ink, and apply it to my blank(ish) journal page.

Once you do that, it will look a little bit like this:

And, you can continue building abstract layers as you continue working on whatever new art project you’re currnetly working on, until you feel like you’ve got a nice looking page.

Here’s a few of my pages:

I love all the layers of colors and patterns here.

I should mention that I use really cheap paper. I use a cheapie composition notebook, and the paper holds up really nicely. You’d be surprised what you can do with cheap paper.

So these are a few pages I worked on. Often I end up doing two or three pages in one sitting! It’s so fun. You don’t have to leave the pages like that, you can use it as a background and write or draw on them.

If you make something inspired by this post, I’d love for you to share a picture on my facebook wall!




For those who feel broken



For those of you who are broken, I want to tell you-it will get better. I know you don’t know how. I know you can’t see the way of hope, nor understand what the future holds.  I know you feel like there isn’t any hope, but I’m here to tell you it will get better. I promise, that even though your world looks shitty right now, and even though you might feel like there is no way out, there is.

I know what it is to feel alone. I know what it is to feel like you have no heart left, no love left, no passion to live left in you. I know. I know what it is to feel abandoned, tossed aside, as if you do not matter.

I know what it is to feel broken. I understand. I know what it is to feel as though no one in the world understands what you are going through. To be in this dark place that you thought you’d never be in, The thing about this dark place is that you must learn to climb out on your own. You must learn to acknowledge your suffering, and choose to not suffer anymore. This dark place, it does not define you. It does not need to, unless you allow it.

This dark place is only a wrinkle in time, only one small part of life, and in the grand scheme of things, you can realize that it is not as dark as it may seem. People may tell you, “there are so many other people in the world dealing with so much less”, and you think to yourself that this does not help you. It may not, but it is true. You are not alone in your suffering.

The dark places in life teach us, although we may believe that we may not need anymore teaching. We think of the cliches, of how “what only kills you makes you stronger” and we want to tell the universe, “I’m strong enough now”.

We know our character based on how we deal with the dark places in life. And if you’ve gone through the dark places, or are there now, and are reading this, then congratulations. You did it. You went through it. It may have felt like it was going to kill you, but it did not. You are here. You are alive. You are breathing. You are and will be okay.

In these dark places, it is important to realize that you have the power to make your life better. You are NOT powerless, though you may feel that you are. You have all the power you need within you to change your life and evolve your inner self. Take this dark time and allow yourself to evolve. Grow. Change. Blossom. Think of the seed, how it is planted in this dark place. It is dark and it cannot see. It pushes. It pushes and pushes change until the blossom comes forth from the soil and there comes growth. And the rain comes, but it encourages growth. And the seedling, with faith continues, knowing that Spring will come and it will blossom under the beautiful sun.

It will get better, I promise. And if you’re reading this, congratulations. You survived.

How to make mixed media Affirmation cards

The one thing I love about art is how much you can integrate your life into it. Art can become so much of a personal diary, a confessional of sorts. I love that. One thing I practice in my life is the Law of Attraction. The law of attraction simply is the idea that you get back what you put out into the world, and that what you spiritual paths teach, s is one thing that many spiritual paths teach, namely Buddhism. The Buddha said that what you think, you become. So, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with positive vibrations and thoughts. A good way to do this is with affirmations.

Blog Title

I personally got tired of the affirmations written on post it notes, so I decided to make a set of affirmation cards, and teach you how to make your own!

For this project, I used:


140 lb watercolor paper size 8.5×11″ (cut into four equal pieces, to amount to 12 cards)

DecoArt Mixed Media Misters & Shimmer Sprays

DecoArt Mixed Media Stencils & Andy Skinner Stencils (Also by DecoArt)

Palette knife

Spray bottle filled with water

Pigment ink stamp pads

Rubber Stamps (choose your favorite ones as I did)


So, make sure that you have your paper cut up. It’s easy to do this, just take one piece and divide it into four equal parts, then cut it. Do this until you have twelve pieces of paper.


At this point, whip out your stencils. DecoArt has a wonderful array of stencils that will ticke anyone’s fancy. They have a wonderful new line of Andy Skinner stencils that I used in this project, and they really are so cool.

This is one of the Andy Skinner stencils, on top of the paper.


Now, get your DecoArt Misters and Shimmer Sprays. It’s fun to use more than one color on the paper, to blend and make new colors.

Here’s a few of them all done. Wait for the ink to dry, then you go on to the next step, which is a layer of acrylic paint.

I love DecoArt’s chalky finish paint so much, the effect is wonderful with mixed media! Use whatever paint colors you wish.

Here’s what they look like. You don’t have to apply the paint with a brush, you can scrape it on with the pallet knife or an old credit card.

Next, add some doodles and paint bots and such. You can use a toilet paper roll as a stamper and use it with paint. Here’s the colors I used:

And here’s what they look like with some paint blots and doodles and things.

You can use a paint pen if you’re more comfortable with that. I used a brush, though.


Once you’re done with that step, it’s time to add another layer. At this point, you’ll need your spritz and shimmer sprays as well as a spray bottle filled with water, and if you have one, a heat gun would be great. If not, you could probably use a blow dryer.

What I did here, is spritz on a bit of color with the DecoArt misters, sprayed a mist or two of water, and then went over it with my heat gun, to spread the color around a bit. Easy does it with the water. Just play around and have fun with the effects that the ink and the water make together.

See the effects? Some are glazed over with colors, some are not.

Once that dries, you’re ready for the final two steps: embellishment and sentiment.

Stamp it up, baby. I used pigment ink based ink pads and just a whole bunch of rubber stamps from my bin of stamps. Use any ink brand you want, but my two favorites are Stampin up and Clearsnap. For this project, I used Clearsnap.

That peacock feather is one of my favorites. The funny thing is, since I’ve been in Jersey, I had my rubber stamps still packed away, and I had sort of forgotten about them. But then, my some strange happenstance, I found them a few days ago, and was simply ecstatic that I had.


So once you get a nice embellishment stamp, go ahead and stamp it up. You can even use embossing powder if you want, but I couldn’t find mine.

Now it’s time to get a set of alphabet stamps and a black and a white pigment ink pad, and get your affirmations on your cards. Now, I could just give you a list, and I’ll give you a few that I love, but I also think you should think of affirmations that YOU know YOU NEED to hear and say and believe. Look within, dig deep and think about what it is that you need to hear yourself say.

I’ve been reading a book by Dr. Wayne Dyer called, The Power of Intention” and I love it. It really is incredible what you can do, if you just set your intention and truly believe. Anyway, I love this one set of affirmations that he lists in his book:

  • I am creative
  • I am kind
  • I am loving
  • I am beautiful
  • I am expanding
  • I am abundant
  • I am receptive

Those are just seven, but try to think of more that apply just to you.


To me, making your own affirmation cards is such a powerful thing. You’re really sending a message to your mind that you believe these things. In stamping the words, “I am abundant” you’re telling that to your mind, body, and soul, and what a wonderful message to send to yourself!

If you make these, please do me a favor and leave me a comment telling me so, and post pictures on my facebook wall! I’d love to see your work!


On Being Malificent

Recently I’ve been thinking of the movie with Angelina Jolie, “Malificent”. I know I’m a bit late in the game, but what can I say, I’ve never been one for pop culture.

So I have been thinking of this movie, and as I always do, I wonder about how it applies to real life, in a figurative way.


BLOG Title

In the movie, Malificent starts out as this incredibly beautiful fairy, a guardian fairy of sorts, who has horns on her head and these grand wings on her back that are simply amazing. Within the wings, is her power, and they are a symbol of her beauty, and strength.

She loves those giant and beautiful wings, as they are such a big part of who she is, and such a big part of her personality. She’s this incredible fairy who does good and loves. At this point, it should be known that she lives in the Moors, a fairy kingdom that borders a very corrupt human land.

As a young girl becomes curious about the humans. She was filled with wonder, as she’d never been in contact with a human before. So, she meets and falls in love with a boy named Stefan, whose affection is overshadowed by his greed and hunger for power.

As most things in life, they grow up and grow apart. Of course, years have passed and now they are young adults, and Malificent becomes the guardian of the Moors.

The King of the nearby human land, as most humans, decides he wants to conqure the Moors. When his attempts fail, he ends up wounded in battle, and grows with anger and hatred toward Malificent, who is now a very powerful fairy.

To get back at her, he declares that whoever brings him the head of the great Maleficent will become the next King, and marry his only daughter Leila. In response, a now grown and quite power hungry Stefan decides to pay a visit to Malificent in the Moors. Years have passed, but her feelings go to where they had left off so many years ago when they were just children. He’s got a plan now. He offers her a drink, which is drugged, and she falls asleep, innocence casting upon her face, almost in mourning to what would come. He cannot bring himself to kill her. Instead, he opts for cutting off the beauty and innocence and power and glory about her by taking her wings. He cuts her wings off and brings them to the King, who tells him, “You have done well, my son.”  Maleficent wakes up to find herself wingless. Her power, her glory and her beauty were raped from her by a man who only ever spoke to her in efforts to take her beauty from her one day.

This of course, made her a little ticked off, to say the least. She declares herself the Queen of the Moors, and becomes the Maleficent we see in the Disney cartoon. Anger made her this way. Betrayal made her this way. It was that she loved and was wronged that made her this way. Her power was taken from her.

How many times have we gone through this? How many times have we loved and given of ourselves only to be hurt and betrayed?

I’ll answer that with a parable.

When you move to New York City, you move with these starry eyes, and these dreams. You move there thinking, “I’m going to make my dreams come true, and make things happen for myself.”

You have this list of wonderful things you want to accomplish there, thinking of all the past people who lived there or where from there. You think of Allen Ginsberg, Madonna, Edgar Allen Poe, Basquiat, and so many other artists and writers who came here to make their dreams come true.

You can’t help but be overwhelmed by the beauty of New York City. It is an incredible city with beautiful architecture and so much to see and do. It is a city that upon first glance, you see all of it’s beauty. But after a while, you realize how hard it is to live here. You notice the homeless on a daily basis in New York. This isn’t Idaho, this is New York Fucking City. It’s hard as hell to live there. It is ugly sometimes. Trains don’t work sometimes. It’s competitive. It’s tough. Living here jades you. It is like we thought it was going to be beautiful and incredible, but here we are with our heart on our sleeves and the cup in our hand outstretched asking for alms. You feel betrayed. Let down.

This is what it is to feel hurt. And when Maleficent decided to move forward, she did so with all the anger and all the hurt and all the betrayal, still being the powerful fairy she always had been.

We do this, don’t we? Well fuck him. I’m just going to be angry. Fuck that shit. Fuck him. Fuck that person that hurt me. We think this way, as if holding on to anger will help. It doesn’t help. At all.

Back to the movie, though. So in the movie, at this point, you know the spell that Maleficent casts upon Aurora. What you don’t know is that the pixies hired to raise her are a bit incompetent, so Maleficent being the natural protector, takes it upon herself to watch over Aurora, even having chance meetings with her.

Eventually, Maleficent heals from her hurt and betrayal but it is not the anger or holding on that healed her, but love. It was the love for Aurora that healed her and restored her. It was love that allowed her to evolve back to the guardian of the Moors.

Love heals. It heals in a metaphysical way that many spend their lives trying to decipher how. But the truth is, you don’t have to know how. Just know that it does. If you’re Maleficent today, that’s okay. It’s not okay that someone cut your metaphoric wings off. It’s not okay that the thing that you held as your beauty or power was taken. That’s not okay. But, instead of holding on to the anger and the situation, know that we are beings of pure love. You may not feel it right now, and that’s okay. Mourn. Cry. Express the emotions you feel within. And then focus on love: loving yourself, your children, your dog, your mom, your community….just love. Focus on love and focus on loving you.

After a while, the mind will grow scar tissue over the scars in your life, and it will get easier. I promise.

After a while of being the evil Maleficent, I really did just get tired of it. I got tired of it, because bitterness and anger are heavy loads to carry. They serve no positive purpose and only make you a really annoying person to be around. So, I chose love. I chose to focus on those I could love, and it reminds me of that song, by Crosby Stills Nash & Young, “If you can’t be with the one you love honey, love the one you’re with”. Since I had no partner in my life, I had no choice but to love the one I was with, and that being my two beautiful daughters, Dakota and Dharma.

Little by little, the love overpowered the hate and the anger. Little by little I allowed the love to take over, and the anger melted.

Speaking of melted anger, I finished working on a crocheted dress for my little one, and had the opportunity to allure her into modeling it for me.




Yes, those are Easter eggs. I always beat myself up over not doing the Easter thing earlier, so I decided to go the way of June Cleaver this year and be well prepared.

How are you dealing with things these days? Are you the happy Maleficent or the naughty Maleficent?

If you like, you can take my 7 day art challenge. It’s F R E E!



The Whole Bead Show

Recently, my friend and I had the privilege of obtaining passes to the Whole Bead Show in New York. This event happens once or twice a year in several parts of the United States and it’s great, because you find beads and focal points that you would not find at your local craft store or bead store online.

I thought I’d snap a few pics, and show you what I found:

These wonderful focal points are made of glass, and are made by the lovely Ann of Gardanne Beads.

Here’s a few more:

I totally lusted after these beautiful birds.

I can see myself using these beautiful beads in a necklace.

Oh, here’s some more things I found:



Do you see the Frida beads? These are decoupaged beads. I feel quite inspired to make some like these!

Oh my goodness, I’m such a sucker for these kitschy vintage inspired beads.

Beautiful, right?

Grace and I had so much fun browsing, and doing a bit of shopping, that I feel like I’ve got inspiration for days!

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New Summer Necklaces!


Just wanted to let you all know that i have a few new items for sale in my shop. Take a look:


These are three in a new product line of Summer necklaces I’m carrying this season. They are beautiful beaded necklaces with limited edition or one of a kind focal points.



This stone butterfly necklace is for sale in my shop and is the first in my new line of summer necklaces!



This is Lord Ganesha and he is for sale in my shop, HERE. This pendant was purchased, and hand painted in a beautiful copper tone.


This lovely feather is made of porcelain. The conversation bead reads, “believe”. Click HERE to purchase.


Girl in the Water & A Vlog Post


Made a new video. and here it is:


Right. And I made some art, and here it is:




Like it? As I mentioned in the video, I created this painting using Fluid Acrylics by Deco Art.  to be


Oh, and here’s something fun that I just listed in my shop:


This is a genuine gemstone necklace made with real amethyst. I already sold the bracelet I made, but you can purchase this necklace in my shop HERE.


Show me



Will you let me see the cracks in your paint

if I choose you to be my love?

will you let me see the softness

the vulnerable part of you that only your mother knows exists

will you let me see the holes in your armour, the

peeling paint


the calloused hands are a sign of manliness to me

but you

you must show me your human-ness

show me your tears


holes in your armour, and cracks in the paint from the years of rain that falls

upon you

will you let me see the weathered you

the you that has been aged with the salt and the sea

with the wind and rain

lover, are there parts of you that you hide?

show me these parts of you

show me

show me the layers of you

show me the scary parts of you

I want to know the scary parts of you that no one else knows

I want to venture into your haunted house

show me your painted walls with peeling paint

show me the holes in your armour

so I can show you my armour

so I can show you holes in mine

and reveal the demons that hide behind my brown eyes