Seasons & Reasons




He told me, in between kisses and paintings

That nothing is ever promised

I told him, I’d rather know

I’d rather plan

I’d rather have the notion in my head that if I believe in something

Maybe it’ll happen

Preachers preach of evil fate

And our naïve minds believe them, begging

Begging for change that we wish to see in the world, begging for peace from our inner demons and our emotional baggage

We live this life, in between shadows and light

In between now and forever, WE REALLY WANT TO HAVE A PLAN

I’d really love to have a plan

Someone tell me that maybe there’s a way

Maybe there’s someone

Or something

That I can count on


Nothing in this world is promised

Nothing in this world is a sure thing, it’s all clouds and rainbows that we long to touch

Nothing is forever

They say that love can last a lifetime

They say good can conquer evil

But often I see that it’s the other way around, I don’t know

I just don’t understand why we are taught the opposite of what life is

Love ain’t forever. Good usually does NOT triumph over evil. And Karma, though it may be called a bitch,

Is nonexistent.

Now, this may seem a lot to take in

So I’ll spell it out for you another way: just do you. Just focus on you. All the other shit around you

That may crumble. That may fall. That may tear itself down

I heard this man say to me once:

Nothing lasts forever

Then he leaned over and kissed me, my emotional walls, made of paper, were getting quite moist

And I built them up half way

And reminded myself that nothing lasts forever

Seasons and reasons, a friend told me

Nothing lasts forever

But                         we cling to these ideas that perhaps we can pray

And get on our knees and believe that some pie in the sky is going to listen

He’s gonna listen

And he’s gonna gimme what I want

We cling to the stupidity behind these beliefs

It’s all bullshit

There’s no god to listen to you

There’s no universe out there

If I tell a million people my plans

Ain’t shit gonna happen

You know why? Because nothing lasts forever

And when you really understand this

And when you truly get it in your head

You realize

It’s okay to give in sometimes

Because nothing lasts forever

And it’s all for a season

And a reason.


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On my workspace

I thought I’d show you what’s on my desk today, as far as works in progress and such. This past weekend, I got together with a friend of mine who makes jewelry, and we got crafty together. It was so much fun, I loved it.

I love little glass beads. They are wonderful for making necklaces and things.

I am not allowed to buy anymore jewelry supplies.

Seriously, not allowed.

I did put my supplies to good use, and made some really cute jewelry that I’ve got for sale:


This pretty necklace is one of a kind and for sale HERE.


This bracelet is made of three strands of glass beads and a cute fiber bead that I made. It’s for sale HERE.

I love designing bohemian jewelry because it reminds me of the bohemians of the 1960s, when natural beauty was celebrated by everyone. I feel like these days people do not celebrate handmade anymore. Everything is so mass marketed and made in factories. I get that sometimes we do not have a choice. But sometimes we CAN make choices. Sometimes we can celebrate handmade, and give it a bit more glory. We should all try.

I try the best I can to advocate handmade, because it’s so important. When you purchase handmade, you put money in the hands of a woman. A single mom. A dad. A family who’s struggling. An artist. It’s nice to know that what I do is going to the hands of someone who truly needs it.

So yeah, I’m an advocate of handmade. I love it.



New York City: I love you to death


Kids went away to visit their grandma, so I took a trip to NYC to visit a few friends.

We went to the MoMa, and on the street, there were these wonderful artists, selling their work on the street. Of course, I needed a picture in front of Salvador Dali.

I love when photographs capture the personality of a person. This picture fully captures the essense of who Grace is.

Kids and their hijinks.

And, we looked at art. I’ll show you a few of my favorites:

I love Andy Worhol. I love his art, and I love his life story, and how it connects to his art.

Basquiat is one of my favorite artists. He’s the reason why I paint. No other words suffice to say how much I connect with his work.

Picasso’s work is incredible. I could live my entire life attempting to understand the process of how he got these images from his head onto canvas.

Gustav Klimt is another artist who’s work I admire. I do not know much about his life, but his work is just so beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

I’m so full of ideas now, that I think I’ll grab my sketchbook and start painting away!

Oh, here’s a style update for you. Mother nature has been so moody, that it required sandals, AND a sweater.


Fucking cold weather did not stop this weekend, but thankfully, today is a pleasantly beautiful day!

I’m off to do some painting.

Currently listening to:


New Workspace


new day job = new desk in which to work on.

I finally have lots of space to draw and paint on. It’s nice to not have to sketch on a wobbly TV dinner table.

Those are my watercolors. I am really loving the Dr. Ph Martin’s concentrated watercolors, as well as my old faithful- my Neocolor Watercolor Crayons. Yes.

I have a work in progress I thought I’d show you today.

These are going to be Affirmation flags, which will go for sale in my shop. Each one is hand painted and is a unique work of art, that you can keep in your home as a reminder of the power of affirmations.

I really love that the law of attraction affirms the things you want and love.

Oh, and I made myself a skirt.


I love it. I’m going to make another, once I finish up a hooded sweater for my eldest.

And that’s all for now.

Summer & Winter





The Summer you were born

was the summer I became a mother and I

came alive

finally I

saw the world in color

the summer you were born, was the summer

I was born

I was made

from blood, diapers and breastmilk

you created me as I created you

my little teacher

teh summer I gave birth to you

I finally learned to laugh

to smile

I learned to look at the moon

and smile at the rain


summer you were born

and when I birthed you

I birthed myself

and when I mother you

I mother myself


are my twin soul

the summer you were born

I kissed you on your shoulder

and took you home

and fell in love


The winter when you were born

was a warmer winter then ever

because you came to me

because you were born in it

the winter you were born

the trees greeted you

the birds came to my window

just to greet you

and the neighbors heard you come into the world

in the apartment you were born in

in the city of New York

in the winter you were born in

The winter in which you were born

was the winter in which I healed

from certain stuff and nonsense forced upon me, I

really didn’t know how to let go

until you

came to me.

until you

made it all go away

it didn’t matter anymore

because you were here

So this summer

and this winter

were the two best season of my life: when motherhood came to me

and I came alive

Poetry to a Crowd


poetry on a stage read aloud to a crowd. This fuels me.


On the stage I become a different person. I conjur the energy and persona of my dear friend Liz, who lit the stage up like no other.

It is a story that I am telling you. It is a story that I am showing you, performing on stage to you.


I live for the stage. I live to perform. If I could, I would do this so much more often.

Currently listening to:



and my new video is up!

This video is a message for those of you who feel like giving up, or feel there is no hope.

Photos by A. Elstabo

Going Up the Country


Recently I went with my girl scout brownie troop, to a day trip at Camp Lou Henry Hoover. My troop was filled with parents who weren’t ready to let their little girls go overnight, so our troop just went for the day.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to spend time outdoors in nature.

skipping, running and playing

being carefree

making dipped candles, and having fun combining colored wax


wow, she really is my twin.

crafting is more fun in a group setting.

Being the avid coffee drinker that I am, I love that they used coffee cans for the craft project.

Sisterhood is powerful.

Boating made me a hot mess. I love the water, but I prefer it when both of my feet are on the ground.








Her smile uplifts me one thousand times one thousand. She inspires me to live and create. Both of my daughters are so special to me. Dharma could not come with us, because little babies weren’t allowed.


This trip made me realize that there needs to be a balance in motherhood. Too often we go ALL one way or ALL another. Children teach us, when we allow them to. When we look at our children like tiny gurus, we see that they know better about life than we do.

Their answers to life’s problems seem so simple to us, and we shrug them off, thinking to ourselves that they know nothing, but the opposite is true. It is we that know nothing. Life really is quite simple. It is just that as humans, we long for the complications. We long for the drama; the fighting.

Stop. Listen. Look around. Focus on the thing in your life which you lack. Focusing on filling your needs yourself, and not waiting for some special moment in life or some special person in life to fill it, because guess what? That person might not come. You may be waiting forever. Be your own hero in the story of your life. Don’t wait.









Never give an 8 year old clothing as a birthday gift


Weekend birthoday celebratory hijinks consisted of hot weather, children running and playing and a piñata.

Obviously, fun was had.

My mother took it upon herself to tell my aunt to tell all of her children to please just buy her clothing. She didn’t check with me, of course on purpose, knowing I’d say no. I told them, don’t buy an 8 year old clothes. Buy her a gift card to Toys R Us so she can buy what she wants. And they did.

. Fun was had by all. I told my daughter she can go on her actual birthday, to pick out a gift at Toys R Us. That will be so much fun for her. I’m making a chocolate ganache cake tonight, to celebrate her birthday tomorrow.

I’ve been working on some new art the past few days that I’ll be offering up for sale as prints. Pictures and listing should be up soon.



On fears and things


fears. We have them. They are illuminated in the dark places of our lives, in the times when we wonder why things are not going as we wish them to.

Often our lack of abundance is a fear of being successful. What will happen? Will we become a different person? Will we become a “sell out”?

What is it that we cling to? We cling to things that perhaps make us numb the fears.

I am claustrophobic. This started happening when I was pregnant with my first child. I was working for a financial company in the Wall Street area. Of course, the elevators would get so crowded. And here I was, a short little girl with a big huge belly. Elevators would get crowded. So my fear of huge stuffy elevators crept in while I was pregnant and linger still.

But this is just one of the stupid little fears we all tend to have. We have silly little irrational fears of bugs or things. We rationalize them.

Fear of commitment or fear of being hurt or fear of being abandoned are also fears we struggle with. In attempts to numb the pain, some people cling to alcohol or other substances. These substances, while fun for a moment, only cause more pain. They bring addiction. They bring disease. They bring a lack of control.

Meditation is what helps me. Mantra meditation is my cure for the fears in life. Fears are normal. It is normal to feel afraid at times, but it is how we handle our fears that shows true character. Don’t numb the pain. Address it. Face the metaphorical cockroaches in life, and realize that fears in life are a lot like a cockroach. You can be afraid of it, but it is simply a stupid cockroach. If you fearfully swipe at it, the thing may respond to your fear by flying. And then, there balloons your fears. But if you confront the thing, and squash it like the bug that it is, you’ll have conquered the battle. It’s a silly analogy, but most of us are afraid of one bug or another. And fears are just like a bug and start out just as small.

Clean Up the Town



Nature. Breathing. Living.

Nature creeps in. I notice it everywhere. There are ghosts of things. Ghosts of people and times long ago….

I noticed that door and wonder to myself: who walked in that door? Who taped it up? What lies behind it? I wonder what stories would be told.

I think about things like this often.

I wonder about these things, now that I am in New Jersey. I’m in a part of New Jersey that is quite old. There are so many stories, and so many old forgotten doors.

How many forgotten doors do we walk past?

In case you didn’t know, mushrooms are where fairies dwell. This is perhaps why I do not eat mushrooms. Maybe.

Wild mushrooms = me telling my daughters stories of fairies that live in the tiny little mushroom worlds, hidden and far away from the everydayness of life.

Perhaps there are fairies that live here.

Happy children, cleaning the community on a sunny day.

Little girls love being motherly to my little one. They call her Dharmita, as I do, as her grandparents do as well.

Sisters. I love when they are like this: happy, playing and working together. The one thing I always wanted as a girl was a big sister who loved me.

Updates of me include balance. Seeking balance between my day job, my daughters, my art, and this blog. I am busy but happily so.

Life is good, if you choose it to be.