On Declaring What You Want

Ask and you shall receive is what people tell you, both in religions and in the law of attraction. I’ve learned lately the idea that like attracts like. So if you concentrate on being broken, on feeling broken, and feeling lonely and sad, you’ll likely attract people who are in the same boat.

I decided to work on some collage work in my visual journal today, in efforts to sort of decide what it is I want in life. Or rather, to declare myself on a page. Take a look:


I  had forgotten how much fun it is to cut and paste images from magazines in a fun way. I even found a folder with scrapbook papers and magazine clippings I had been saving. It’s fun to do this. Fashion magazines really have lots of images and words that lend themselves nicely to collage work and mixed media. Another neat tip: find some vintage magazines. Those are loads of fun to cut up!

I love little colorful bits of papers. I love that she has her eyes closed, perhaps in a prayer to the universe or something.

So, for some of us art is our passion. But then, we get to the point in our artistic journey where we’d like to make a buck off of our talent. After all, doesn’t everyone want to make a living doing something that they love? Sure. We all do. The thing about it is, we need to find a balance, and find a way to shape our art as a way of life, instead of as a way to pay the rent. When we do this, the money does indeed follow.

PROMPT: How can you make your art more about making a life then a living? What is the difference to you between having a life and making a living? Are they one and the same for you? If so, why?


Oh, and take a look at a neat item of interest: a new item in my shop!

This is a handmade grocery bag tote available in five different colors in my shop HERE.

Vogue Knitting Live!


Here I am, waiting for the bus on my way to attend Vogue Knitting Live. I really did not know what to expect, since I had never been. Last year I didn’t know about until it was too late. Luckily this year I was given press passes.  I love to knit and crochet, so this was fun.

So, this was one of my favorite things. I felt so inspired to create something like this. Imagine the fun things you can create with yarn like this?

Oh, and I loved this. You know, I really love the color red a lot. It is a vibrant and wonderful color and in Holistic Spirituality, it is the color of love and passion (two of my favorite things).


This is the awesomest tent in the world because it’s knit and crocheted all together with little squares. It’s so great.


This was created by an artist called Ute, and she creates them all over the world. This is the first one in the US that she has created.

And I saw this. It’s so great, it is a knitted Mayan Ruin!

I did have a lot of fun getting inspired by all the yarn and yarn creations I saw. It makes me want to stock up on fiber and make some more yarn.

With my bad knee being as it is, I did have to sit for a minute and relax. I put my leg up, and started chatting with two lovely ladies that also lived in New Jersey, and were very nice indeed.


So that’s that! I’ll post up another artist blueprint prompt tomorrow.

On taking it Easy


Worked in my art journal and made this. I’m sharing with you the blank space, because once I fill it up, it will be too personal to share online.

This page was fun to make. I used Deco Art Stencils, paints, and mixed media ink sprays.


I have a Japanese marker that actually does what it says and works over painted surfaces.


That’s what the page looks like. I found some scrapbook borders and put it on the bottom of the page.


It’s been so cold outside. I recently went on a trip to a convention in Manhattan. I’ll post about that later on, tonight. These days have been nice and mellow-just me and my art. I have been taking it rather easy these days, since I have been in a lot of pain. My knee hurts an awful lot, and it hurts to walk too much or go up and down stairs and such. So, I take it easy.

It is challenging to take it easy, since I normally like to go go go all the time. I run everywhere and am a fast paced person. Now my body is telling me to slow down and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. I do take it as a learning experience. I figure that this is my body’s way of telling me to relax and slow down and go with the flow. When you relax and take it easy, you’ll find that things flow better to you.

You can’t attract positive things by force. You can only attract positive energy to you when you relax, let go, and realize that there’s enough room in the Universe for all of us to succeed and have our fair share.

Artistic Freedom Blueprint:

Each day that I put up a new blog, I’ll be featuring a tidbit of artistic inspirational goodness. These are excerpts from a forthcoming e-course I’m currently writing. So, follow my blog and get more creative inspiration!

Yes. We are. In life, we attract what we concentrate our thoughts on. So, think about that while you go about your day, and think about what you WANT to attract to yourself, both creatively and in the rest of your life.

PROMPT: In your journal, write/draw/paint about habits that you can create, that nurture positive things in your life.

PROMPT #2: Another take on this quote, is the idea that when we are positive and nurture positive habits, we can create our dreams more effectively. In your journal, write/draw/paint about your dreams, and how you can nurture them with positive habits.


Want more creative inspiration? Seeking your muse and you just don’t know where to find it? Consider my e-book, “Free the Artist Within“.

This e-book is under $10 and you get:

How to start your own art/craft community

Prompts for art and writing

How to connect your art with your spirituality

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and so much more.






The nice thing about living la vida single, is having loads of free time at night to paint. So, I worked on a new piece in my visual journal (aka that cheapie composition notebook I talked about before).

Here’s a few pics.

This was done with lots of layers. I know it looks messy, but anything in my art journal, is really just a way for me to throw paint around. Stencils, spray inks, and paint by Deco Art.

I used their Mixed media misters, as well as their Americana Acrylic paints for it’s wonderful coverage.

And scrapbook paper, because I not so secretly hoard scrapbook paper like mad. It’s crazy because I do not even keep scrapbooks. I keep my pictures in vintage photo albums. Weird.

Right. So, Liz passed away four months ago, and I still feel lost without her. I wish I could call her up and get dating advice from her like I always did, or talk to her about how I feel about living in Jersey, and how strange people are out here. I miss her very much. So far I’ve met people in Jersey who are: mentally unstable, cold, selfish, alcoholics, possessive, and boring.

I choose to not allow people like this in my life. There’s a saying in Spanish, “Dime con quien handas Y te dire quien eres.” Which means, “Tell me who you walk with, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Of all the advice my mother gave me, this is what always sticks out in my mind. It sticks out because the truth is, you really ARE who you’re with.

I made this journal page because I realized that the more positive my thoughts become, the more ideas my mind comes up with to make dreams reality. It isn’t some hoodoo thing, it’s just a reality thing. When you feel good, you tend to act in positive ways.

So that’s what this page is about. It is all those colors and feelings and ideas that bring about those good positive feelings.

Walking Alone



This painting is called, “No me gusta caminar sola.”

Translation: I don’t like to walk alone.

I actually had started painting this a while back, and never went back to it. I started channeling some feelings of things I’m going through at the moment. The wonderful thing about art, is how wonderful it takes the feelings you have inside, and allows you to create beauty with what is seemingly ugly inside you.

Anyway, this painting is for sale in my shop HERE.

Also, if you’re feeling like you’re in a creative rut, or feel blocked, I’ve been there. It can be frustrating to hear yourself tell a friend, “I haven’t painted in _____ months. Or Days. Or Weeks. Or even Years. Don’t let that happen to you.

I’ve created this wonderful took for helping you work through your creative blocks.

The book is called, “Free the Artist Within” and includes:

  • How to start your own local craft/art community
  • Prompts for writing AND art
  • Connecting your spirituality with your creativity
  • Meditation tips and ideas
  • Assignments for working through your creative block.
    You can purchase it by CLICKING HERE.


Mermaid Tails


So, I’ve been working on some things in my visual journal. I was chatting with my good friend Julia Gulia when I mentioned to her that I really do enjoy the process of it all. It’s fun to just do some abstract work and get messy and use paint and look at colors.

I’ve been in a bit of a slump. I guess certain things in life didn’t turn out the way I had hoped, and so it made me feel a little bit less than happy. New Jersey takes some getting used to. It is hard to get used to the way people are. Men here tend to expect to move faster physically and so far all the friends I’ve made here are alcoholics in denial. Seriously, the lot of them.

So, I choose to enrapture myself in art and poems and the not frequent enough trip to Manhattan, where I go visit my best friend Grace, and talk about jewelry and artistic business plans.


 (I love the look of all that drippy, messy paint, don’t you?)013So this is what I made, using Decoart Acrylic paints, paint spray, Gesso, and a few other things. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you’ll know how much I love mermaids. I love everything about mermaids. They are so delicate and beautiful but then they get what they want with their sweet song.

Anyway. I was telling you all how wonderful it is to live in suburbia with Walmart shoppers and alcoholics. No actually, it’s probably not so bad. I mean, maybe it is and I should just look the other way.

It snowed today. That made me very happy. It was very pretty to look at, and snow makes me feel so creative. I almost baked a chocolate cake. But instead, I painted.

At any rate, this shall suffice as an update on the happenings of me for now. Tomorow I’ll be bragging about my new camera that I am excited about (translation: a post with too many scenic pictures).


She Walked Away





The ghost of Sylvia Plath

whispered in my ear,

and spoke to me.

She told me, “that did not do, it did not do”

during the near year, I realized this

And I saw the tongues of angels in a dream telling me to walk away

telling me to walk away from the dust, the

stuff and nonsense that appeared in yesteryear

She walked away.

She walked away and never went back to the stuff and the nonsense

to the cattiness and pettiness

to the immature person and people who only meant to kill steal and destroy

her happiness

she walked away

she walked away, and did so through fire

she walked through the flames

faithfully charging ahead

she can move mountains


DIY: New Year’s Intention Art Journal Page!



So, Christmas is over, obviously. At this time of year, most of us like to re-evaluate our lives and think of what it is we want to attract to ourselves in the coming year. We think that perhaps this year will be better than the last.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot these days, and setting attainable goals for myself. Because of my past personal life, it was always challenging to follow through with the business and personal goals that I had set for myself. I’m finally in a place where I feel like I can really set out time to reach for the things I truly want.

With that, I made some art in my art journal, thanks to my cheapie composition notebook, and DecoArt paints.

Here’s what I made:



Also, I’m in a bit of a giving mood, so here’s a step by step on how I made this.

You’ll need:

Deco Art Americana  acrylic paints in Bubblegum Pink, and Buttermilk



A scraper tool (just use an old credit card or used gift card)

Black Marker

Graphite Pencil

DecoArt Media Shimmer Misters in Yellow, White, Turquoise and Red

DecoArt Americana Chalky Finish Paint in Escape

A Piece of Corrugated Cardboard (I use the insides of the mailers by Amazon)




First, apply some gesso to your page with a paintbrush, and let it dry.


Now, you will need your misters. Get your two favorite colors, and mist away like so:


I used red, yellow, and a bit of white. See how it looks? You have a few more layers.



So, what I did here was apply some paint liberally onto the cardboard, then I took the cardboard and printed on my pages with it. You can keep doing this over and over and just fill up the page as I have.


These are stencils that I made. You can make a basic cloud, or heart or whatever you wish. This paper is really nice oil coated cardboard made especially for printmaking, but use what you have.


I used the cloud, and the DecoArt Shimmer Mister in Turquoise, and made a little cloud shape. After you spray a stencil onto your page, let it dry.



Now you’re going to need some Acyrlic paint. I used DecoArt Americana Acrylic paint in Bubblegum pink. That to the left, is my scraper tool.


Apply a line of paint at the top of your page as I have, then spread the paint with your scraping tool. You might want to have painting pants or an apron for this part, because I don’t know about you, but this step always gets paint on my clothing.


See how pretty that looks?


Now draw some circles freehand with a graphite pencil. It doesn’t have to be neat and perfect. In fact, it’s rather nice when it is all messy.


Now, you’ll need Americana acrylic paint in Buttermilk, and a paintbrush. You’re going to paint inside the circles you just drew, and let them dry.


You can go over the edges of the circles with your graphite pencil once your circles are dry, as I did here.

Now, think of some key words that really signify what you want out of 2015. Think of what is realistic, and what is attainable for you. Think about it, and write about it if you need to. Make 2015 the year you accomplish realistic goals for yourself. The best way to have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the year, is to create goals that you can truly attain for yourself.


And here, I wrote some things in my circles, and called my pages done. For me, taking steps, and moving at my pace-little by little-is really what I need. Faith is key as well. Having faith in yourself, in your talent, and that life will improve. Following through, and continuing to create is a must for myself as an artist.


If you’re at a point in your life where you’re going through a road block in your creativity, I get it. I have been there. I know what it is like to feel like you want to create, but not really having the motivation to do so. Having a creative block is the hardest thing an artist can go through. I know. For this reason, I wrote a book that contains all the ways in which I move beyond my creative blocks, learn from them, and let the “blocks” become a part of my creative process.

I have this wonderful e-book for sale HERE in my online shop. It’s low priced because I know that many of us artists do not have a whole lot left to spare. Consider this low priced e-book an investment in yourself and your creativity!








And She Stands Alone




And she stands alone

as a man she sees, he saw soldiers marching while I saw the corpses of native Americans


and she stands alone,

as he saw the infantry marching

the proud soldiers holding their guns

while I saw the Shaman

who turns herself into the mighty spider woman

and I saw the lady who looks after the forest

the trees and the animals therein

I see the goddess of the forest

who calls herself Diana

In this land we saw two sides of the same coin

in this land where our ancestors lived

And I kissed him there

in that magical land where the fairies dwell

where life begins

In that land where my ancestors lived

he told me his truth and I told him mine

in that magical place where life begins

in this land that therein once

many years ago

lived the native Americans

this place they call a reservation

there in this place

she stood alone

while he saw the ghosts and bones of bloodied soldiers

while I saw the sadness of the spirits

while I saw the spirits and the bones of the Natives

their spirits cry in the wilderness of this land

their spirits

they cry to me

there, in the land where they once did dwell

in that land

And we two, we saw two sides of the same coin

the two sides

the lonely soldiers marching he saw

and the native woman mourning

over the loss of her land

now the mythical story presents itself: this mythical story of love

that never existed

that was only a lie

that was only space and time and nothing else

just air

empty words unspoken

this is what it felt like

this is what it turned out to be

this is what it is

and she sees corpses

and she walks alone


and alone.

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My Dear daughter, I have hopes for you

I have hopes that you’ll do what I couldn’t, that you’ll

accomplish the dreams I haven’t yet

Oh, and in the words of Martin Luther King

I have a dream

I have a dream for you, dearest daughters

that you will walk down an aisle, and not one of marriage

but of a university

that you will be and do and see

the things I could not

the things I never did


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