Dollface Altered Tin

Made this for the G&P design team that I’m happy to be a part of: It’s an altered tin. You can access the tutorial HERE.  What else?  Also, I’ve been doing a bit of journaling here and there, and have been working with my own … Continue readingDollface Altered Tin

But it’s you

New art in my art journal. I’ve been struggling lately because the art journal I love so much is running low on blank pages, but then my account is running low on cash, so I resorted to other things. But truly, I enjoy making my … Continue readingBut it’s you

A Couple of Little Somethings

Here’s a fun little project I just finished working on: It’s a little altered tin. Do you like it? I will be posting a tutorial soon on how to make one just like this. That will be next week. Oh, and I made this: If … Continue readingA Couple of Little Somethings

She communes with nature

Made some art: She is the deer woman she communes with nature she  walks with elegance with grace uses the spirit medicine of deer her  intuition never fails her through all the hardships and all the trials through all the tribulations she rides with grace … Continue readingShe communes with nature

My muse is on overdrive

Made some new art:  My muse is really on overdrive. I take advantage when I’m really feeling the inspiration, and start projects as much as I can so that when I’m not feeling it so much, it’s not so hard to just pick up a … Continue readingMy muse is on overdrive

The Screams all sound the same

Made some new art, in my art journal today. Here’s what I came up with: On her dress, I scribbled the words: “All she wanted was a little bit of freedom and love” This page symbolizes a lot for me.  It is the idea that … Continue readingThe Screams all sound the same

Hello, Summer

It finally feels like summer outside, and with the sun, I usher in a new wave of creative inspiration.I made this journal page: I love mermaids. I truly do. And I love summer. I love that I don’t have to wear a heavy coat, and … Continue readingHello, Summer