On Flowers and How to Bloom

New art in my journal:

Blooming. When I think of rebirth, I normally think of flowers and plants. I think of love and I think that often we fail to realize how little control we truly have in life. We dont have control over peope. But we can control ourselves. We can control how we react.
But wait, I wanted to talk about rebirth. For me, the flower comes as spirit medicine because it dies always. Every winter. But they come back. They bloom again, providing pollen to bees, beauty and often medicine to humans, and with the flower, seeds are spread, and more flowers come to be, and it is a reminder to me. We can bloom again. We can grow and flourish again, no matter how often death comes to us; no matter how often our life as we know it ends. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and there is ALWAYS hope.
True love conquers all.
This is true. But it is self love that does so. I finally love myself more than something that I felt I had to prove to the world. I’m not that bitch with all the issues anymore and do you want to know why?
Because of love. Real true love really does heal the world, it does make things better. But it starts with self love.
God is love.
Now, I don’t believe in the the stories of the bible as true, but think about that for a minute. I have always believed, not in a living breathing god that is humanized by giving it a specific gender. I believe in the universe as god. Science. Nature: the birds in the sky, the air we breath, the trees, the flowers, all conspire to make life liveable and amazing.
Love is so grand. It heals you, it calms you it restores you. It creates life. It makes you see things, and it temporarily blinds you. If there is a god, and it is love, it is because of these things. Because love creates. Love makes things. And when you love yourself, you become your own creator. It’s not the love of or for someone else, although that is very nice. It is the love you have for yourself that can make the world a better place.
Life is so amazing when you open your eyes. I had my eyes closed for so many years and honestly, for the first time I really feel like I am waking up to the world around me. I am blooming again.
Death came, but I bloomed again.
And the thing about the flower, is that perhaps it knows. Maybe the flower knows that death comes every now and again, and maybe the flower is okay with that. Maybe the flower doesn’t mind, because it means rebirth. It means blooming again, growing again, and painful though the process may sometimes be, it doesn’t always have to be.
Don’t stay in a situation that brings death, simply because you are comfortable, while lying to yourself about all the reasons why you should stay.
There is life after death. There is rebirth after death.
I don’t know everything about life. But what I do know, is that there is something greater in the world than what we think we know.

Oh, and I made these Bird brooch pins:

These are not in my shop, because I’m trying to set some things for Christmas. I really want to get started early so I don’t get overwhelmed and end up going all night at the last minute. Oh, but I wrote a tutorial for Creative Paperclay on how to make them HERE.

And, a new item in my shop:

It’s for sale HERE.

So that’s that.

Diana Gonzalez

Diana Gonzalez is a self taught artist, writer and poet, formerly known as The Craftaholic.

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-Jack Kerouac

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