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So, there’s a funny thing about having two children. You know, talking in a naive sense, I truly thought that my second child would be very similar in personality to that of my firstborn. Really. This was the silly thought in my head.

Nevertheless, that is not the case. From an astrological point of view, they are opposites. Dakota, the oldest, is a Taurus. My youngest is a fiery Sagittarius, who most likely love philosophy, good food, and traveling. 
The other difference though, is that Dharma is VERY ACTIVE. VERY. It is very rare that I can snap any picture of her at all, since she is ALWAYS MOVING. 
Diapers, if they are not made well, or are cheap, they end up falling off of her, if she hasn’t already tried taking them off. Good grief!

Luckily, I had a pack of Huggies Snug & Fit with Surefit! It’s nice to have diapers that don’t fall of her when your child has been playing, running or jumping around the place, in attempts to keep up with her older sister.
I love that they stay on, and are totally secure in all her playtime. 

For example, these days Dharma enjoys playing on the bed, jumping, and running all over the place. My biggest fear before Huggies Sure & Fit, was the diapers falling off, because as I mentioned before, they do. They have. It’s especially interesting, when the aforementioned generic diaper falls off, that you do not know, are in the next room, and suddenly your eldest laughs saying, “Mama, Dharma peed on the floor!”
Yeah. So using Huggies Sure & fit works for us, because they stay on, as she moves and plays with her big sister, which is one thing she loves to do. Sisterhood is amazing that way, isn’t it? Although they are opposites, they do so love each other. They are best friends, and hopefully will remain that way for the rest of their lives.
Oh, did I mention that former Ms. Universe Zuleyka Rivera is there spokesperson? I had the privilege recently of seeing her in person, and I can tell you she seems to be a very loving mother, in addition to being very tall and very beautiful. 
You can catch a webisode that features her, HERE
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  1. So funny since with Kid 1 I literally went through EVERY DIAPER out there and I LOVE Huggies. We use the Little Movers and yes I am there with you – thought Kid 2 and Kid 1 would be so similar but joke’s on me! My second is alot like your LO – she is constantly moving and exploring and having her hot little hands in all sorts of trouble. Some days I want to jump out the window head first but I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

  2. I love watching my nieces and nephew and I can’t get over the amount of energy they have! Whatever stays on is the best thing for mom’s today. The pics are delicious! Thanks for the post!

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