Tiene la cabeza en las nubes (She’s got her head in the clouds)

New art:

And, I wrote a poem to go with it, that I’ve translated in english well.

Tiene lacabezaa en las nubes
la que sueña mucho
la que le gusta reir
tiene la cabeza en las nubes
la que siempre vive
 y soñando de tener amor real
tiene la cabeza en las nubes
la que ve adas
la que sabe lo que es 
el otro mundo
ella es
la bruja fiel
te sana 
tiene la cabeza en las nubes
la que es madre
tiene la cabeza en las nubes
y esta llena
de ideas de una vida mejor
una vida con amor fiel
amor real
que nunca faltara
tiene la cabeza en las nubes
Y un dia
su suerte cambiara
la que tiene la cabeza en las nubes
<<<<English version>>>
She has her head in the clouds
that one
the one that dreams much
the one that loves to laugh
she’s got her head in the clouds 
that one
the one that lives
and dreaming of true love
she has her head in the clouds
that one
the one that sees fairies
the one that knows what lies
in the other world
She is
the faithful witch-a healer
she’s got her head in the clouds
that one
the one that is
she has her head in the clouds
that one
and she’s full
of ideas of a better life
a life with faithful love
true love
that will never falter
She has her head in the clouds 
And one day, her luck will change.
that one 
the one that has her head in the clouds

So this painting represents a girl, having her head in the clouds. She’s free, you know? She does a sun salutation, because she feels so free and hopeful, knowing that true love is around the corner. Shes’s sexy, and that is represented by the dress.
Head in the clouds.
I lived many years with a person who told me I had my head in the clouds. I do, though. I realize that this is not a bad thing, though perhaps that person thought it was.
It’s a personality thing, I guess.
You know, something can be totally scary to you, but can be completely exciting and amazing to me or the person next to you. Life is about perception, as is living with a person.
Some days all you see is the negativity. All you see are their flaws, the things that you cannot stand about life.
What kind of life is that? I’d rather be happy and naughty than be miserable, and appear perfect to the world.
I don’t need you to think highly of me, what I think of myself is just enough.
You can look at Picasso’s or Dali’s artwork five times and see something different each time, because it is about perception. Art is about perception. Life is about perception.
You can see the good, or see the bad, or you can see it all as something that teaches you. I hate it when people tell me that when I go through shit that it makes me stronger. Thanks, but I’d rather be weak and happy. You know?
Weak and happy. Ah, that’d be the life, right? But life doesn’t work that way.I know a person who constantly looked at the life of hipsters, and people who had a life that perhaps this person wanted. In the words of Bea Arthur, “That’s no way to live, honey.”
It’s not. I’m not going to look at you and think fondly of your seemingly perfect life. No thanks. Go away with your weak but happy life. I’ll take content and strong, and always having something to write about. I will always have something to write about. Not just because I write about everything that goes on around me, but because I choose it that way.
I write not because it is now the trend of wanna be artists and writers, but because I have been writing since I was a child, and because it is a part of who I am, like my arm, my leg, and my eyes. I see the world through my poetry.
I see myself through my art. My art is mostly folk art girls because it is a way of revealing a part of myself to the world. My poems reveal not just me but how I see the world.
I’m not weak and happy, but I’m strong and satisfied. And happy.
I was having a conversation with someone recently about the Phoenix bird, and it reminded me, not just about a poem I wrote years ago mentioning this animal, but it also reminded me of life. I suppose we go through this every now and again, don’t we?
Life, it’s some sort of a cycle, some sort of a circle.
Wanna go for a ride?
Yeah, life it’s like a cosmic ride, with ups and downs, and you’ve heard this. The pheonix bird is not a totem that most want to feel or see in their life, because it represents loosing everything, before rising up from the ashes and flourishing, stronger than you ever were. But that is life.
When my brother died, I thought my life was over. When I lost my child, I again thought my life was over. When my marriage ended, I thought I lost everything, everything. I did, in a way. But each time in my life, I came out and up like the mighty Phoenix bird, rising up from the ashes of a shitty childhood, a crappy marriage, and much loss, and rose up a mighty and beautiful bird.
Come on life, I’m ready. It took a very special person to make me see that Phoenix bird isn’t a curse. It’s a blessing.

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