How I move past my creative block (and a freebie!)

Often people ask me, “So when did you start painting and writing?”
And usually, I tell them that I have always been creative. I have been writing since I was just a child, and have been drawing and painting since 2010. I had decided that I wanted to get out all the angst, all the emotions and all the things out in a different way, where I did not have to use words as my medium. I wanted to show on paper, what it is I was going through.
Thankfully, that is what art does for me. It is my way of venting, of expressing my emotions, and getting out in a visual way, what it is that I am going through at the moment. Sometimes though, I go through a block. A block being this time when I feel absolutely no motivation to create, to paint or write. For some artists, this block can last years. There is a blogger I was reading about who mentioned that she hadn’t painted in close to ten years.
“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
-Pablo Picasso
This quote, is the core of my life as an artist. Yes, there are times when you are blocked. Yes, you may not feel like doing anything. But if your art is the way you express your emotions and show what you’re going through, do you really want to block your emotions from revealing themselves? Do you really want to stop expressing yourself? No, of course not. So, I have found ways of making this inspiration come, even when I do not feel it whatsoever.
You may be asking yourself, “How do you just make art, when you don’t really feel motivated?”
Well, in my opinion, it is my duty to the Universe to paint, write and create daily or as often as possible. I also know that it makes me feel good to paint and create. I know that it calms me, helps me release whatever “junk” I’m feeling, and brings back my positive vibrations.

So, knowing this, here’s a few tips to help you keep creating, even when you’re not feeling it:

1. Ask yourself why
When I am feeling like I don’t really want to create, the one thing I do is ask myself why. This may seem mundane, but do it. Don’t just stop at the surface questions, really dig deep. This is when you’re going to get your journal. Get out your journal and write the answers. If you don’t have one, just buy a cheapie composition notebook at the dollar store. Start to really think about the last time you painted, or created. What situation where you in? What is the difference in your life now? Is there a connection? Write these things down.

2. Visualize 
Now that you know why, visualize the things that are really blocking them. Get some key words that you’ve written in your journal and highlight them. Doing this will help you in the next steps. For now though, visualize what these things are like.
For example, maybe your biggest block is your new baby, and juggling motherhood with being an artist. I’d visualize a clock and an easel.
So start visualizing what your hindrances are in your creative path, as you’ve written them down.

3. Produce 
Now reproduce the images you’ve visualized. You can use your medium of choice: that can be anything from jewelry design, sketching, painting, or collage work. If you’re really feeling blocked, I recomend collage work. This is because all you really have to focus on is cutting out images from magazines or print outs that remind you of what’s blocking you. You cut, you paste, and create to your heart’s content.

4. Try something new
When all else fails, move out of your comfort zone and on to a different medium. If you are a scrapbooker, try mixed media. If you’re a painter, try collage work. Just try something different. Getting out of your zone often helps. You can also go to Youtube and check out some fun art instruction videos from Milliande or JennieBelle.

So these are some tips that I use to move beyond my creative block. If you feel like you really want to work at this in depth, I am offering a one on one online class where you’ll work with me personally on what’s really going on with your creative block.
I’m offering this e-course at a special introductory price! Check out the etsy listing HERE for details.

Oh, and here’s a fun freebie for you. I dug up a fun vintage sun for you to print out and use in your collage work!
This is a copyright free, public domain image. Enjoy! 

The Craftaholic
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-Jack Kerouac

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