Teach your parents well

*The below is a sponsored post for Huggies Snug & Dry Plus. The opinions are solely my own. Mama needs a paycheck, m’kay?*

I wonder if my daughters know how much they teach me, or how incredible it is to be their mother. To me, being a mother is the most incredible gift.

Everyday I learn more and more about life, and how to deal with it. I learn about the importance of routines and schedules and the joys of going for a walk. To a child, a smile and a hug goes a long way. 
My children, they teach me. They teach me to stop and smell flowers, quite literally. They teach me things about noticing spider webs and showing compassion to bees, even if they sting.
My daughter Dakota painted this. Do you want to know how I started painting? I shall tell you. Years ago, I used to make (and sell) handmade hot process soap. When I had Dakota I had to put it on the backburner. I had my first child, and didn’t feel comfortable working with lye and cooking up soap. So I decided to work on visual art. I start with crafts and bookbinding, which is how I ended up with my tag name, “The Craftaholic”. At any rate, my daughter would stand next to me at my desk, and I’d give her my scrap papers, that she in turn would make collage art with. And that is how I started working on art. One day my daughter said, mommy, what’s all that paint in your closet? So I decided to paint. And I did. And I do.
My daughter Dharma is a different sort of girl. She is an artist, but for some reason, I thought surely both girls would be similar in actions. 
Boy was I wrong. 
Anyway, she is potty training. With my eldest, it was never a big deal. I trained her in two weeks. Dharma I have found, is a bit more stubborn. So, we still used diapers now and again when going on day trips and at night and all that. 
I love to use Huggies Snug and Dry Plus for several reasons:
I can pick them up at Cosco, when I do my grocery shopping (BTW I’m totally addicted to their dried mango slices, OMG)
Their diapers protect better than Pampers Baby Dry
And I love the Huggies Natural Care wipes, because my daughters both have really sensitive skin, and their wipes have the purest formula out there. So great for sensitive skin, and since it is that pure, I can use them to wipe off my makeup without fear that they will make my skin break out.
I also love that the wipes come with a refillable dispenser kit. Those are perfect for when you’re out on a day trip and little messes happen here and there as they are bound to when you have small children. 

I wouldn’t trade being a mother for anything in the world. Being a mother is what taught me how to love and how to live with passion, AND routine. Children teach you that there can be a balance between these two. There can be, and there is.

My daughter and I learned to make friendship bracelets.

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-Jack Kerouac

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  1. In my personal life children have taught me perhaps more than any other.
    Actually, I believe we are all children we are here to learn and when we are around beings of such purity and innocence that is truly when we become the student if our awareness is such that we can see the Blessing of that moment to learn something profound.

    If we are smart, we will loo to children to find out what is truly important in this world.
    And, that to me is life. Breath. Experience. But never with expectation. Just by being~
    Children remind us that deep within one still resides.

    And it needs to play. Desperately. Those who won’t acknowledge this will suffer
    because this child cannot be denied.
    Children are not to be compartmentalized. Nor anyone.

    Just as in,’ The Office,’ we have to tear down the walls and build communities that reach out in all directions to be truly alive and joyful and accepting.
    And never forget that at the core of it all is a being whatever that is to you that created from the energy of Love. This world may be in tumult. It may have heaved it’s last and let’s all be happy this is so. For as all destroyers know, to destroy and replace with something better is far better than to just destroy. The planet is razing itself to the beginnings and we are given the Grace to start over again.

    We have to get back to The Garden. And despite all appearances to the contrary, if you look hard enough you will be blinded by a small pin point of Light! To end, or rather to begin that is Hope.

    Let’s focus our massive energies on that for our kids and the future beings of this planet
    so that they can inherit something that once again breathes and does not heave in resistance.

    When you look into their beautiful intelligent faces, know they know and they know better.

    Peace and Light
    Joy and Love
    Abundance for ALL.

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