Clean Up the Town


Nature. Breathing. Living.

Nature creeps in. I notice it everywhere. There are ghosts of things. Ghosts of people and times long ago….

I noticed that door and wonder to myself: who walked in that door? Who taped it up? What lies behind it? I wonder what stories would be told.

I think about things like this often.

I wonder about these things, now that I am in New Jersey. I’m in a part of New Jersey that is quite old. There are so many stories, and so many old forgotten doors.

How many forgotten doors do we walk past?

In case you didn’t know, mushrooms are where fairies dwell. This is perhaps why I do not eat mushrooms. Maybe.

Wild mushrooms = me telling my daughters stories of fairies that live in the tiny little mushroom worlds, hidden and far away from the everydayness of life.

Perhaps there are fairies that live here.

Happy children, cleaning the community on a sunny day.

Little girls love being motherly to my little one. They call her Dharmita, as I do, as her grandparents do as well.

Sisters. I love when they are like this: happy, playing and working together. The one thing I always wanted as a girl was a big sister who loved me.

Updates of me include balance. Seeking balance between my day job, my daughters, my art, and this blog. I am busy but happily so.

Life is good, if you choose it to be.


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