Going Up the Country

Recently I went with my girl scout brownie troop, to a day trip at Camp Lou Henry Hoover. My troop was filled with parents who weren’t ready to let their little girls go overnight, so our troop just went for the day.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to spend time outdoors in nature.

skipping, running and playing

being carefree

making dipped candles, and having fun combining colored wax


wow, she really is my twin.

crafting is more fun in a group setting.

Being the avid coffee drinker that I am, I love that they used coffee cans for the craft project.

Sisterhood is powerful.

Boating made me a hot mess. I love the water, but I prefer it when both of my feet are on the ground.








Her smile uplifts me one thousand times one thousand. She inspires me to live and create. Both of my daughters are so special to me. Dharma could not come with us, because little babies weren’t allowed.


This trip made me realize that there needs to be a balance in motherhood. Too often we go ALL one way or ALL another. Children teach us, when we allow them to. When we look at our children like tiny gurus, we see that they know better about life than we do.

Their answers to life’s problems seem so simple to us, and we shrug them off, thinking to ourselves that they know nothing, but the opposite is true. It is we that know nothing. Life really is quite simple. It is just that as humans, we long for the complications. We long for the drama; the fighting.

Stop. Listen. Look around. Focus on the thing in your life which you lack. Focusing on filling your needs yourself, and not waiting for some special moment in life or some special person in life to fill it, because guess what? That person might not come. You may be waiting forever. Be your own hero in the story of your life. Don’t wait.









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