On my workspace

I thought I’d show you what’s on my desk today, as far as works in progress and such. This past weekend, I got together with a friend of mine who makes jewelry, and we got crafty together. It was so much fun, I loved it.

I love little glass beads. They are wonderful for making necklaces and things.

I am not allowed to buy anymore jewelry supplies.

Seriously, not allowed.

I did put my supplies to good use, and made some really cute jewelry that I’ve got for sale:


This pretty necklace is one of a kind and for sale HERE.


This bracelet is made of three strands of glass beads and a cute fiber bead that I made. It’s for sale HERE.

I love designing bohemian jewelry because it reminds me of the bohemians of the 1960s, when natural beauty was celebrated by everyone. I feel like these days people do not celebrate handmade anymore. Everything is so mass marketed and made in factories. I get that sometimes we do not have a choice. But sometimes we CAN make choices. Sometimes we can celebrate handmade, and give it a bit more glory. We should all try.

I try the best I can to advocate handmade, because it’s so important. When you purchase handmade, you put money in the hands of a woman. A single mom. A dad. A family who’s struggling. An artist. It’s nice to know that what I do is going to the hands of someone who truly needs it.

So yeah, I’m an advocate of handmade. I love it.



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