Happiness and the Single Mom

I finally finished a crochet project. I’m so happy with it. I finished it off while Mr. Tattooed man and I went with our kids on a day trip. I don’t mind driving, but I’d rather him drive, so I can crochet.

Here’s what I ended up with:

It’s on Ravelry as the Lighthearted Tunic.

I really rather like this top quite a bit.

I have a day job, and the office is very cold, so I figured that even in the hot summer months, I can still rock this tunic top.

I do have this item in my shop for sale, if you’d like something like this made.

In other news, it looks like I might get another tattoo. Yippee! If I manage to get good pictures, I’ll post some up.

Also, I was thinking about something today. I was thinking today, about how my two closest friends passed away recently, and how much I miss them. I liked that they understood me as a person, and could let me be as emotional as I want to be, because they themselves were emotional people. And I think I missed that very much.

What is interesting, is that I really do see that people do come in at the right time. When one door closes, another one really does open. I’m grateful to my cousins Omar and Michael, for reading my texts, and Omar, for the drinks, the conversations, and understanding the madness that is me being a single mom, artist, working mother, and having the time for a person in my life. It’s wonderful to know that you’re never truly alone. I know that I always have someone in my corner, letting me be a little nutty, and letting me talk and talk and talk, and once in a while, calling me out on my shit.

Single moms, we really take on a lot. We wear so many hats. We are mother and father. We are women. We are Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. We work jobs where often we are one of the only single moms. If you have small children, sometimes the only one who does it all herself, and has small children. It can be draining. It can make a person weary.


The solace I take, is in ┬áthe things that I create, and it is in seeing my daughters, happy and smiling. When I hear my daughters say, “Mama, you’re the best!” Then I know that I’m doing alright.


It’s a hard road-the one for a single mother. Most of us….we didn’t ask for this. Most of us did not ask to be thrown into the big bad world alone with two small children who depend on you. All the while, we look at our children and think….how the hell am I going to do this? It seems impossible. The idea that we can be happy, seems a daunting and impossible one.

The best advice I ever got, were two tidbits that I carry with me always.

1) No one is worth your tears but your children

2) Art is everywhere

And in the same way that art is everywhere, so is happiness. Life is like perspectives on art. You must choose to see the good in every situation, and if you are a spiritual person, cling to your spiritual path.

Happiness is my main concern. Peace is my way.

I may not have the life I once chose, but life is evolution. Life is change. As humans, we are always growing, always learning, always evolving. You can choose to improve. You can choose to be happy, by simply noticing the great things in your life-the blessings. The more grateful you are, the more you have to be grateful over.

You know?



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