Peace comes from within

Recently I started working with the Akashic Records, and in doing so for myself, I came upon some much needed advice.

I asked, Why is life a struggle?

“Why must everything be so challenging?

When will I finally rest?

When will find peace?

But peace… comes from within. It comes from that stillness within, from that voice that we often do not listen to. Peace is not conditional, or based on the world around you. Peace comes from your reaction to the world, not the world itself.

Peace comes from within. Peace. It is in the stillness and quietness that I can be who I am, who I am meant to be.

I can be quiet and calm and just listen to the wind. Or look at the trees. And just quiet myself. In that perfect quiet, comes the peace. I don’t have to react to your anger. I don’t have to react to you. I can just to be at peace and not let you take my power from me.

No. Do you want to know why? Because I know where my power lies, and I know just who I am, and what I am worth. When you know these things, you can go back, back, back to your center; back to the vortex of who you are, and just be. Don’t try, just be.

Peace has been a sort of obsession of mine. I went through so many years without it, that now the pursuit of has been my goal.

In my personal life, I let no one impede in my place of peace. Not a boyfriend, not friends, no one.

“There’s only two places you’re gonna have peace-the grave and your house.” -Madae

It’s true. This is my motto.

Meanwhile, do you like this piece? I just finished it last night. I haven’t decided if it’s going for sale yet.


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