And then there was she

“And then there was she” 36×26 acrylic in canvas. Available for purchase. Please contact me for purchase price and details.

and then there was she

and then there was that one


girl who had magic in her eyes buried so deep

only real men could see it

whilst others would glance at her

abd see her fairy wings and her

smile so magnetic

if you really looked

you could see her magic

she had a way

of turning dark clouds

to beautiful gemstones

she had this way

of making dark skies blue

of turning black clouds

to beautiful colorful ones

turning sadness to gemstones


heartache and pain

into all the colors of the rainbow

but she lived alone most days

with only her offspring by her side

she lived alone

because she preferred it

then to be used

for only the magic within her

she was okay with being alone

solitude fortified her

made her strong

one day she would know love again

but until then

she chased rainbows and painted the sky

with stars

in her eyes.


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