An ode to my children

An ode to my children, who keep me in line

who keep me up late

and make me smile.

I miss you.

You’re away with your father and oh how I miss you

without you, mama is a holy hot mess.

So my children are away visiting their dad for the summer and I am just a hot mess. I really am. I miss them. I guess I got so used to them being around all the time.

If you don’t know me personally, you may not know I am very much a loner. A hermit. But I fill my need to go out and see things by taking my daughters along with me everywhere.

We go to restaurants and see new things and go on day trips. Without them I am so lonely. I told the boy I’ve been meandering about with, that I just want them back now. He laughs because I still have TWO WHOLE WEEKS without them.

It’s alright. I’ll manage. I’ve been distracting myself with my art, and I’ve got some things I’ve been working on that I hope you all will love. Or at least like.

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