An unfamiliar good

In the uncertainty of life lies the reality that life is but a mystery. There are always going to be people who will disappoint you. It’s like a game some play.

In the uncertainty, know that you will be okay. Often we shy away from the dark or uncertain places or phases in life because we perhaps are afraid of not knowing and not seeing the outcome.

As a mother, I am responsible for two human beings. This fact has wired me to always want to know the outcome of things. Safety becomes our priority, and uncertainty is not safe. But what if safety isn’t always safe?

What if in the safety of knowing the outcome means we stay in places that mean us no positive thing or mean us harm?

There’s a saying in Spanish: “es bueno makes conosido que bueno pot conocer.”That means, it’s better a familiar ill than an unfamiliar good. But why do we process these toxic words of so called words of bullshit as true words of wisdom? Often we do this though.

We put ourselves in perilous situations because it is familiar and hell be damned if we have to set foot in unfamiliar terrain. Destructive patterns begin this way. Toxicity begins this way. But perhaps in noticing this pattern, we can change.

Let us dance with change and uncertainty. Let us flirt with the mystery of not knowing. Have faith.

Sometimes giant leaps of faith make for grand adventures.

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