On Detours, and a new video

They say the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. To me, I think that the road to anywhere to our destination, is riddled with roadblocks and detours. I think perhaps we start out on the road to our destinations believing perhaps that as long as we have a plan, everything will work out exactly as we wish.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always work out that way. It was John Lennon who said life is what happens when we’re busy making other plans. There just detours. It doesn’t mean that you won’t get to where you were trying to get to. Doesn’t mean you will not accomplish your goal. It just means… That there is a slight detour. And detours happen all the time to us.

And a song written by musician Spade Cooley, he writes about how perhaps in life we should be aware of the detour signs in life. When driving from point a to point B, often there are road signs that let you know where you are and how to get from one place to another. There will be signs if the road ahead is closed and a detour as necessary. But in life, I do not think that there are such signs. Are there signs like this? Do we see them and not pay attention? 

Or does life even really work that way? 

I have questions. I want to know in my life there have been so many detours. I will say that often my experience has been that the detours I’ve had to take have led to the most meaningful stories I have to tell. 

Maybe that’s the point of the detours we take. Maybe the detours happen to show us the other experiences and other people that we end up loving, while eventually getting to where we want to be. Maybe. 

In other news, I’ve uploaded a new video to YouTube:

I had fun making these. Follow me on Instagram to find out when they get listed for sale here.

Link: IG

I do hope you enjoy the video. I’ll be posting another one soon, perhaps a jewelry tutorial.

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