On making needs known, and a new video

Sometimes you don’t have any more fight left in you. Sometimes you don’t have anymore left to try or to give. Sometimes you feel so wasted from trying I’m trying to change, from trying to be the right person and trying to do everything that is required of you and sometimes you just want to give up. Sometimes there’s just nothing left in you. Perhaps the right person would not require us to change. Perhaps the right person would appreciate the person that you are, that I am, that we all are.

Maybe love is simply excepting a person just the way they are. I have learned in life that very few people love. Many say that they do but if you actually love. If you actually know what it is to truly give of yourself. We live in a world of vampires.

We live in a world and in an age where vampires seem to rule the world those of us who dwell and live our lives based on emotions are left Alone to wander the earth as we may attempting to differentiate the difference between a person and a vampire. And if you aren’t careful, the vampire will have you convinced that you are the vampire and they are not. So is the world that we live in. And sometimes you just get tired of fighting. Sometimes I just get tired of explaining yourself. You get tired of having to apologize for the person that you are. 

Sometimes the world has you so bamboozled, the all you can do is sit and do nothing. And as I mentioned in my previous blog post, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with just sitting and doing nothing. Sometimes all you need is rest so you can see things differently, so you can collect yourself and collect your thoughts, and make the changes that need to be made. But first, one must rest. Let us take an example from the wonderful cat.

Look at an animal such as the cat. The cat is a wonderful creature that always puts his own needs first. Cats are loving and kind, and love their humans. My cat wakes me up every morning with a purr and a butthole peep. Sure, he will love you. If I’m crying, he comes to me, and makes sure I’m okay. He does love me, but he makes his needs first, and makes no apologies for this fact.

And yet we live in a world where neglecting yourself has become a thing of pride. We live in a world where we are shamed if we make our needs first. If for some reason I choose to voice my feelings, I am then labeled as selfish. If I look out for my best interest, I am misjudged. Since when did self love become a sin?

I cannot leave my house naked and therefore must put my needs first before I step foot out the door to go to work, or to perform the functions that I need to to be a contributing member of society. Perhaps we should think of our emotions as we do our socks or trousers. Call me selfish if you will, but in attempts to save my sanity, I will tend to my emotions first before I tend to the needs and the requirements of others.

If not, I just feel wasted. But me? I will not cower. I will not apologize for loving myself, will not apologize or say sorry for putting my needs first and making them known. I will not. I will make my needs known and I will love myself and I will pursue my dreams because I deserve that. I deserve happiness.

And guess what? So do you.

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