You already know who Arthur Fleck is

How we as a society created Joker

The other day I finally had the chance to sit down and watch the movie the joker. I’ve been waiting to be able to actually have the time to sit down and watch this movie. So I was really grateful to finally not be working, or something, and able to sit down and watch this movie, but I knew it was going to hit me in a very real way. And it definitely did. The thing that I took back from this movie, is how much we create people like the Arthur Fleck every single day. We create him every day. 

We create him through our actions. 

Through our lack of kindness. Through our need to be so deeply in love with our ego, and keeping up with the status quo, that we forget about others. We forget about the loner, then hypocritically decide that we are on the campaign for the mentally ill, for those who suffer from depression, when we are actually the ones to blame for creating people like Arthur Fleck. You. You do this every time you cast aside that loaner Artist, every time you decide to get your nails done instead of actually purchasing some local art. Every single time you do stupid things like by name brands instead of local made products you cast aside people like Arthur Fleck. 

One thing that I cannot stand about Facebook, is seeing so many people brag about their name brand items that they buy, all the time things that they purchase all the time, going to Walmart for home decor. What people don’t understand, is that Arthur Fleck was an artist. Is an artist. He is a metaphor for every artist that I know personally. 
Arthur Fleck is every single artist that I know struggling to sell their work. Arthur Fleck is every single artist that I know that gets disappointed every time their so-called friend post something about some nonsense that they’ve purchased at one big box store or another while the artist sits and makes soup out of frozen vegetables.

I have nothing more to say.

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