Abstract Art

Below are some of my recent works on canvas. Please contact me for purchase inquiries.



“The wonder if all hope is lost” mixed media on canvas


“If only he could see me” 24×24″ mixed media acrylic on canvas.


“And the clouds are weeping” 20×20 mixed media acrylic on canvas



“The Stag” SOLD mixed media acrylic on canvas


“What love feels like” 16×19″ mixed media ink/acrylic on canvas

“Bear spirit” 12×12″ acrylic on canvas



“I fancied that kind of thing” 14×11″ acrylic on canvas


“When June Cleaver meets Gloria Steinem 14×11” mixed media acrylic on canvas

“Dream a little dream”

Dragonfly Totem, 8.5 x 11″


“Seeking the Cloud of Gold”

“I would give you diamonds” SOLD