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Follow Along With Me: On Moving On

So I made a new video on YouTube of me making a page in my art journal. It’s called Moving on.

Check it out:


Follow Along with Me: On Loss



So I made some new art which I posted s video of. I talk during the latter half because my kids were awake. Normally I film these at 6 am and they’re sleeping but alas, I’ve slept late the past couple days.


Not Gonna Cry Over You

This painting is for sale. To purchase please contact me via email through the contact me page here.


The Stillness of Clouds

Often we do not think of clouds being all that still. But they are. They are quiet and still. They move, perhaps when they have to. They never go back. But they sit in this blessed peace that we as humans long for so very much.

I made a new spread in my journal. I posted a video on YouTube:


The supplies I used are:


On Seeing Ghosts


The year was 1993. I was sixteen years old. I’d woken up one particular morning, and had a dream that I decided to tell my mother about. I’d dreamt I was getting married. My mother replied to me, saying, “Oh no. That means someone in the family is going to die soon.”


Seeking hope

So I did a new video this morning. I’m having fun posting these videos, I do hope you enjoy them.

The page is entitled, “Seeking Hope”.



I used:

Deco Art Shimmer mists

Deco art stencils

Acrylic paint, generic brand

Craft paints by Martha Stewart

Acrylic paints by Dylusions



The Echoes Once Felt


“Where my fortune lies”
Mixed media on canvas. Please contact me for price details.

Therein lie the echoes

the echoes of what once was, what

used to be

good and fair and kind

somehow faded into different colors of

what can now be called echoes

this used to be a place where beauty lay

now I must gather my things and

see just where my fortune lies

To purchase this or other goods please visit:

Heres a picture of what my artistic travel mugs look like!

If you want one, please go to:

Wicked Monsters

I’ve created a new video for you all that uploaded on YouTube. I made a new spread in my journal this morning entitled, “wicked monsters”.

Follow along with me:

For this page spread, I used the same basic products as last week.

Deco art shimmer mists

Dylusions paints

cheap brushes lol

craft paints by Marty Stewart

I hope you enjoy it, and if you do please subscribe to my channel!


Tiny little art journals

So, if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I wipe my brushes and stencils on copy paper.

It looks like this:

I save them because they look so pretty, don’t you think?

I had so many that I had to figure out what to do with them. So, since I love book binding so much, I decided to make myself some tiny books.


It was so much fun that I just recently made another.


I love these chunky little books so much.



Embrace imperfections

So I made some new art in my visual journal this morning. The title is “embrace in perfections”. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. Sometimes I feel like we tend to act like chameleons Trying and striving to adapt to the world around us when really, we should simply embrace who we are and except ourselves just as we are. Embrace imperfections.

I made a little video on my YouTube channel, documenting my process. You can find it here:


I used Dylusions paints, Gesso by Deco Art, brushes were purchased at Michaels and the little word stickers were also purchased at Michaels. The lotus stamp is from my collection and the ink pad is by Clearsnap.