Spur of the Moment

At the spur of the moment, my friend Lauren invited me to Salem. It’s fun living in my part of the world, because we live quite close to many major cities. Anyway, since I enjoy photography a little bit, here’s a bit of our trip on photographs:

At the Salem Witch house. That is an original spinning wheel.

At the Salem Witch house. That is an original spinning wheel.

Another wheel.

Another wheel.


They had a little library!

The local library had a beautiful garden. I love photographing nature.

The local library had a beautiful garden. I love photographing nature.

close up.

close up.

The method to my madness


There’s a method to my madness, I assure you. It may look like I am a scrambled hot mess by the looks of my desk while I paint, but I promise you I generally know where everything is. Usually. I call it organized chaos. It’s like my life-I know where everything is and where things are going, but sometimes things are messy and chaotic. And that’s okay.

Recently I learned that I cannot go out of my way to try to make a person see my worth. See, if I like you, I come on strong. I text a lot if I like you. If I don’t, basically my heart is cold. That’s just facts. It’s who I am. Just like my messy desk. My desk may be messy, and cluttered, but it is how my art gets made. And I may be talkative and ramble often, but I am that way, and if I chase you, I like you. And if I text a lot, I like you. If a day passes, or I don’t text until evening, you did something the fuck wrong, probably.

Too often we look at our lives much as we do that messy desk thinking we have to go out of our way to make things just so, so that this person or that will align themselves to what we want from them, but I’m done doing that. I’m too old and come too far to have someone else blow me off, and only contact me when they need something from me. But when I need something, they go missing. If I clean up my desk, I won’t find crap. If I go out of my way to be something or someone else for you, I am not being authentic. My messy desk is authentic. It is real. It is a piece of who I am, and it’s raw. I will never be anything less than raw.

I think I came to the conclusion that there are probably no real friends, and maybe no god. I prayed for 4 years that god would send me love from a man-a loving relationship. So far, I’ve gotten a coke head, two alcoholics, a psychopath (by definition, because he had no feelings,-or so he professed last year when we dated-that he had no capacity to feel).  So, I give up. I give up on dating, on love, and even, on friendship. Everyone wants something. No one loves the way I do-at no cost. Everyone looks at their messy desk of life, and puts a cloth over it so no one can see the metaphoric mess of their life. Not me. I am not that woman. I am not the woman to put a mask over anything. I will always be me, unabashedly. And so, I am done trying. If you cannot see my worth after me being here, then you likely will never see it. And I know that I must give you up, since you do not want what I want, you only want to give me just enough so that I’ll stay, without having any added responsibility of actually having to go out of your way in any kind of way. That is not who I am, and I will not clean myself for anyone anymore.



I work on many canvases all at the same time while usually also having an art journal handy as well. I prefer to make my journals or recycle old planners. I find it’s more fun to recycle an old planner, or make an art journal out of copy paper or old papers and things.

So that’s a bit about my workspace and how I work. And my philosophy as of late, is that I believe in me. There may or may not be a god in heaven, but if there is, it hasn’t been listening to me at all. In fact, the god you may believe in, has only served me to satan, time and time again. And so, I have hope and faith in myself. I love myself. I know I am not a perfect woman, but I’m good the way I am. Perfectly imperfect. Flawed but beautiful. For so many years I sought approval from people who were obviously not into me, or not paying the proper attention to me, and last night while I slept, I had a breakthrough. And so I am finished. I am finished with seeking others, I seek myself now. God may be dead. Or he/she may not be. And love may exist, but it never has for me. And I say this, not in a sort of “feel sorry for me” kind of way, but as a matter of fact. I think everyone I have felt something for has been extremely selfish.

And so, I make art to heal myself a bit. Soothe the savage beast, and all that.

Currently listening to (courtesy of someone whom I’m fortunate to enjoy spending time with on occasion):

It’s like magic

We all have that one thing that makes us feel good and makes us happy. For me, it’s music. Music makes me happy. I love good live music because I just feel good. It makes me feel inspired. When I first moved to NJ I was pretty happy, since one thing New Jersey has is a lot of good quality live music (if you know where to look).

Music raises your vibration and makes you feel alive, like everything wrong will just melt away. It’s like magic, you know? Music is like magic. It is.  I like to listen to music while I paint, too. What I listen to depends on my current mood. Sometimes it’s the Grateful Dead, and other times it’s Sean Paul.

The other day, I discovered this one song that I now absolutely love:

I love it. I love when the single mother is praised. Being a mother is tough, especially when  you’re being both mother and father to your babies. I told the boy I’ve been seeing that often it can be very overwhelming. But as women, as mothers, we do what needs to be done. Right?

I love when you can listen to a song and it personifies everything you feel. I fucking love that. It’s just magic, you know? It’s like, how could this person who does not know me, write a song almost completely about me? I have been there. But that’s probably why I love music so fucking much.


It’s like you go to a show, you see the band play, but there’s more to it than that. It’s more than just the band playing, and you being there. It’s the excitement of the people around you. It’s the vibe of the band performing and doing what they are meant to be doing. It’s all magic. All of it. And that is why music, inspires the shit out of me.

What inspires you to create or feel happy?

Morning Pages and being happy




For me, there’s a method to it all. People ask me how I can accomplish all that I have going on, and I really have no idea other than the fact that I’m a workaholic. I really am. I work and I work and I keep on working. Why? Because it fucking feels awesome to keep busy. Sleeping all day is something I really can’t do, even if I wanted to (which I have absolutely no interest in doing).

As a matter of fact, even in men I date, I must date men who work a lot or are very very athletic or active; because I cannot respect a lazy man. This is probably because my father is not a lazy man either. He is always active, always busy doing one thing or another. Or he’s watching the news, which as I’ve been told, is a very old school Puerto Rican man thing. I hate stereotypes, but if that’s true that it does apply to him.

As of late, I’ve neglected much of my art and things, not for any other reason except for time. I felt I hadn’t had the time to create, to paint, or to even write. But my morning pages keep it all together for me. I write about the goings on, about things I am pondering, and write my list of good things in my life.

That’s sort of an inside peak into my creative process today. I swear by morning pages. I wake up early in the morning, reflect on the day before, drink my coffee and go into my own haven-my own space. And I just write. I write about all the stuff in my head, and do it for a good 15 to 20 minutes. I feel like it’s good for you to write early in the morning, before you start your day off and get distracted by one thing or another. It sets an intention for the day, and so I try to keep everything on a positive level.

The intention of the journal pages sets the tone for my day, and I want my day to fucking sing out loud. I want to grab the day, and know that I lived it up, and lived to my fullest potential. You cannot do that if you are a negative nelly. I can’t stand negative people. You know the type. The ones that have everything, yet they are not happy. It’s one thing to be down once in a while or moody. We all get that way. But….try to remember that happiness is a choice that you make, and while we live this short little life, we might as well be happy. Be fucking happy, because this all fades away. Do it, man. It’s good for you.

I am currently working on a book. This will be a book of poems, and I am compiling a list of poems that I am writing and working on now. Usually my chapbooks are quite small and I make them myself, but this will be a proper book, and will be done using Lulu. I’m rather excited about it.

What’s your process like? Do you keep a journal? When do you write in it?


Plaster of Paris


We all have plaster of paris on some part of our life
In some place within us, there’s a bone that was broken
A promise not made
Or not fulfilled
Each of us has plaster of paris slathered somewhere
Painted over with hopes and dreams
Sparkles of hope
Over layers and layers of plaster of paris over the bone once broken by a person
We often call them the devil
Or evil
I wonder if there are bones broken on their body over us
I wonder if the brokenness was mutual
We are all wonderfully broken creatures meandering through life
Wondering where our next love will come from
Or our next broken bone
Wondering how to go through life without the existence of that one
Because we are all broken somehow
We all have plaster of paris, broken bones and sparkles
We thrive on the sparkly goodness
So that we can somehow fool ourselves into thinking the brokenness isn’t there, that the
Hurt is gone
But it isn’t. And that’s ok
It’s okay to still be angry
To still feel pain
To still not so secretly wish that the person would suffer the pain they put you through
It’s okay to feel broken
And still want love

I shall be your moon



You make me want to think in flowers

in birds and pretty things,see

I am usually dark and dreary

rainy days and dark mornings ….they inspire me

be with me in this cold morning

breathe the air that I breathe

be my sun and I shall be your moon

I shall make you my king

and if there never was a woman

who ever called you her king


Is what I shall do for you

i shall make you my king and remind you of the potential I see in you when you lose your faith

i shall be your moon

because darkness is where my power lies

my darling

i shall await the day I stake my claim in your heart and call you mine

and until then I want you to know….

that you make me think in flowers in the moonlight

And I want to make you

my King.


Bring me the Sun

I’ve been quite busy lately, but I did have time to work on some new paintings.

Title: Love me tender

Title: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.

(I have not yet decided if I want to sell them.)


Listen to me, not just in the words that I speak,

but in the way I say I like you

just listen

I like that you listen to the words I speak,

Let us drive to never never land

let us drive with our madness, sweet excstasy surrounding me


you are a king and I,

I am a queen

You met your match with me

We are like spirits swirled in colors of blue and purple

All I ever wanted

was to feel complete

so I took to the sun

so I took to the moon

and completed myself, and therein

therein I met you

The you and I that is, it is without labels

without definition

The you and I that is, needs no definition

I am okay with the deflection of labels

I am okay with the darkness within you

I only ask that you embrace mine

little by little I shall show you the darkness of my past

You are of the Sun

I am of the Moon

Together we create this magic

Do you suddenly feel inspired, oh King?

Do you suddenly want to do, to create, to pursue?

it is the medicine I bring

it is the magic within me, that comes from the moon through me

that is what you get for looking into me

that is what you get for being around me, with me, inside me:

the magic of creation

of inspiration

I am a woman of the moon, as states my name: Diana

Diana-the goddess of the Moon

I bring the moon to you


bring the Sun to me.



Currently listening to:

When there’s nothing more to say



When there’s nothing more to say

What do you say, when there’s nothing left to say?

you cast your net and later took it away

it’s done now.

so what do you do, when all is said and all is done

and there’s nothing more to say?

Who do you debate with

when everyone believes as you do?

there’d be no rainbow

only your thoughts

there’d be no flow

no ebb or tide-just you and your opinion

What do you do, when there’s nothing left to say?

What do you, when you’ve run out of space

you’ve run out of time to say all the things you want to say, but wait!

it’s not important, never mind

love is not blind, it’s caution-less

it’s this wondrous free flowing space in time with colors and tides rising

Love means throwing caution to the wind

When there’s nothing more to say, what do you do? What actions are now taken?

Please tell me,

When there’s nothing more to say



I have so much to say





This is is a new painting called, “I have so much to say”.  This is about a girl who finds herself feeling some kind of way over a guy and in the back of her mind, she knows he’s not a long but a pauper. For he only offers what a pauper does. So she has this Purple Heart, the symbol of an award given to a solder who’s been wounded in battle. She’s  been hurt before.  And so, the heart stays stuck in her throat because he never gave her the chance to truly say what kind of happy she could render to him. So, the girl has the Purple Heart.

This painting will be for sale once I get it in a frame.

In nature



Nature teaches us to be still

we learn in nature, that change is inevitable.

Try as we may to fight

to yell and scream and protest the shift in life that comes,

we learn that life is life and change happens

embrace it

embrace change

embrace the shifts and evovle



become yourself

become the best you that you can in each season of life.


is what I learn in nature.