Outside of the inside

    So I told him, I Wear myself outside of the inside Like a flag or banner I wear who I am Outside of the inside I Speak in parables In stories and poems And I wear myself Outside of myself Like a flag … Continue readingOutside of the inside

An ode to my children

An ode to my children, who keep me in line who keep me up late and make me smile. I miss you. You’re away with your father and oh how I miss you without you, mama is a holy hot mess.

Follow Along With Me: Abstract Buddha

    So I made a new video on YouTube! I know it’s been a minute, I’ve been so busy these days studying for finals and such.  

Launching Your Art Business-Questions to Ask, Things to Remember

If you have decided to launch a business, you have made a very courageous choice. There are many things you need to know before launching a new business. There is inventory to take into consideration, initial start-up cost and upkeep, hiring employees, sales, marketing…and the … Continue readingLaunching Your Art Business-Questions to Ask, Things to Remember

The Stillness of Clouds

Often we do not think of clouds being all that still. But they are. They are quiet and still. They move, perhaps when they have to. They never go back. But they sit in this blessed peace that we as humans long for so very … Continue readingThe Stillness of Clouds

On Seeing Ghosts

  The year was 1993. I was sixteen years old. I’d woken up one particular morning, and had a dream that I decided to tell my mother about. I’d dreamt I was getting married. My mother replied to me, saying, “Oh no. That means someone … Continue readingOn Seeing Ghosts

Seeking hope

So I did a new video this morning. I’m having fun posting these videos, I do hope you enjoy them. The page is entitled, “Seeking Hope”.     I used: Deco Art Shimmer mists Deco art stencils Acrylic paint, generic brand Craft paints by Martha … Continue readingSeeking hope

Tiny little art journals

So, if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I wipe my brushes and stencils on copy paper. It looks like this: I save them because they look so pretty, don’t you think? I had so many that I had to figure … Continue readingTiny little art journals

On Learning to Say No

  I do not do for others anymore. I realize how this sounds, you think perhaps that I am selfish. I am not. Simply, I am choosing to put my kindness in places where it deserves to be, and not where my kindness is not … Continue readingOn Learning to Say No

And then there was she

and then there was she and then there was that one yhat girl who had magic in her eyes buried so deep only real men could see it whilst others would glance at her abd see her fairy wings and her smile so magnetic if … Continue readingAnd then there was she