“If only he could see me” 24×24″ mixed media acrylic on canvas.



“And the clouds are weeping” 20×20 mixed media acrylic on canvas

“I’d give you more if it were mine to give” 16×19″ acrylic on canvas

“The Stag” SOLD mixed media acrylic on canvas

“What love feels like” 16×19″ mixed media ink/acrylic on canvas

“Bear spirit” 12×12″ acrylic on canvas

“Tengo tanto que decir”  11×17″ watercolor on paper

“I need faith” 8.5×11″ watercolor on paper

“I see myself as Buddha” 8.5×11″ watercolor on paper

“Untitled” SOLD watercolor on paper

“I fancied that kind of thing” 14×11″ acrylic on canvas

“When June Cleaver meets Gloria Steinem 14×11” mixed media acrylic on canvas