My name is Diana Rivera, and I am a born and raised Jersey Girl. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been creative. I started out selling my handmade goods 16 or 17 years ago making handmade vegan soaps at folk festivals and punk shows throughout New York City and New Jersey. As my need for the creative flow grew, so did my interests. I’d done embroidery work and needlepoint as a child, so I started back up again. Then little by little I started to create more and more and more.

When my first born child was 6 months old, I decided that I wanted to keep some sort of track of my creative journey. And so, 8 years ago, I decided to start a blog. In thinking of my creative journey, and in thinking of the sort of person I am, I chose the name “The Craftaholic” because for me, creativity was becoming a truly addictive thing.

artist statement 

My artwork tells a story of my life in the form of watercolor pop surrealism. I paint pictures of girls that tell my auto-biography. In these paintings, you can see what I am feeling or thinking at the moment which they were painted.

They are statements of politics, of life, and of how women are viewed. I do not intend to make any other statement in my art, other than to show the others how I see myself and the world around me.

I use watercolors, and fluid acrylics. On canvas, I use acrylic paint, and these paintings are more statements of the world around me, the world outside of myself. My canvas work is a story outside of myself, outside of my biography, or my story. I use my own handmade stencils that I draw and hand cut, then create beautiful images that are symbolic in nature.

As far as my poetry, it flows from me, like the blood in my veins. Poetry is how I think, and how I identify myself. I’ve been writing poetry since I was a young girl, and it has become more than an outlet for me. It has become an art, in and of itself. Some poems are political in nature, but most of them are statements of what it is to be a woman in this age, and what it is to be me. Although my art makes a similar statement, my poems come from a different side of me.


  • Published-1000 Handmade Greetings by Laura McFadden (under my previous etsy address), 2008
  • Published-Pizza Box Skeleton-Time Out NY Kids, 2009
  • Published-DIY Eye Shimmers-BUST Magazine, December 2010
  • Published-Greencraft Magazine, February 2011
  • Published -Knit & Wrap by Nathalie Mornu-Lark Books, September 2010

Featured Designer @ Brooklyn Indie Market, Time Out NY, 2010 (Sweet Buddha Designs)

Named one of the top 35 Latina Bloggers in 2013


  • Featured in the group show, “Lillith” at Gallery U in Westfield, NJ 2015
  • Featured in the group show “Piccolo” at Gallery U in Westfield, NJ, 2014
  • Featured in the Mail Art show, “Dispatch” by DeeplySuperficialPeople
  • Featured in the art show, “Art Opera” on behalf of DMC Threads, April 2010

Design work/Art Supply Sponsors:

  • Mohawk Fine Papers (Strathmore)
  • Plaid Crafts (Mod Podge)
  • The Sampler Kit
  • Blockhead Stamps
  • Pan Pastels
  • Art Institute Glitter
  • Bombshell Stamps
  • Clearsnap Inc
  • Creative Paperclay
  • Yasutomo
  • DecoArt

Freelance teaching:

Kate’s Paperie, Brooklyn Bead Box, Spacecraft Brooklyn, The Ink Pad

I also led an art group in New York City that had close to 1,000 members, where I taught workshops and organized art related events.


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Top Blogueras United Nations Conference 2013 


“With feet, I move.”  acrylic on canvas


“Nesesito Fe” Translation: I need faith.  watercolor on paper


“She is made of stars, and star dust.” watercolor & fluid acrylics on paper


When June Cleaver meets Gloria Steinem


“The Queen of Hearts”. Mixed media on canvas.


“The Evolutionary Tale of a Girl” poetry zine. Artwork and contents by Diana Rivera. Cover art is watercolor on paper.


Hand Spun Art Yarn. Hand Dyed and Hand Spun by Diana Rivera – SOLD


“Untitled” SOLD at group show at Gallery U in Westfield, NJ – SOLD


“An Elephant for Elizabeth” acrylic on canvas – SOLD


“La cola de la Sirena” The tale of the Siren. Acrylic on canvas- SOLD


Dream Catcher created and designed by Diana Rivera, formerly Diana Gonzalez. Made with vintage ribbon and beads, and my own hand spun yarn.


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