Make a Book of Desires and Wishes-Part 1

It’s almost the end of January, but at the begining of each year, I always make something artsy and crafty that displays my desires, intentions and wishes for the coming year. It’s a great visual way to tell myself and the universe what I want … Continue readingMake a Book of Desires and Wishes-Part 1

Walking Alone

  This painting is called, “No me gusta caminar sola.” Translation: I don’t like to walk alone. I actually had started painting this a while back, and never went back to it. I started channeling some feelings of things I’m going through at the moment. The wonderful … Continue readingWalking Alone

When the Siren Calls

One thing about painting, is that I love getting messy. For this reason, I have an apron that I sometimes use. Sometimes, because I often forget, and the paint ends up on my jeans. That is my apron, in all it’s glory. I love it, … Continue readingWhen the Siren Calls