For the Friday through Monday Morning Mothers

It was a regular sort of day in New Jersey, just another hot summer day in August. I was not feeling happy and joyful, but then I never really did. My children were away with their father, and being the sort of mother that I … Continue readingFor the Friday through Monday Morning Mothers

Update-New Video Blogs Posted!

Hello! It’s been a minute. Sorry about that. I’ve been so scatter-brained lately. I did get a chance to take a walk with my daughters, and got some photos of a few flowers I loved: We went to Watchung Reservation, which is my favorite spot … Continue readingUpdate-New Video Blogs Posted!

Happiness and the Single Mom

I finally finished a crochet project. I’m so happy with it. I finished it off while Mr. Tattooed man and I went with our kids on a day trip. I don’t mind driving, but I’d rather him drive, so I can crochet. Here’s what I … Continue readingHappiness and the Single Mom

New Workspace

new day job = new desk in which to work on. I finally have lots of space to draw and paint on. It’s nice to not have to sketch on a wobbly TV dinner table. Those are my watercolors. I am really loving the Dr. … Continue readingNew Workspace

Earth Day at the Ocean

On Saturday, to celebrate Earth Day, I took my eldest with me to Sandy Hook, to help clean up the beach.   We had to bundle up, because Mother Nature seems to be quite moody these days, and as such, it was a very cold … Continue readingEarth Day at the Ocean

On Being Malificent

Recently I’ve been thinking of the movie with Angelina Jolie, “Malificent”. I know I’m a bit late in the game, but what can I say, I’ve never been one for pop culture. So I have been thinking of this movie, and as I always do, … Continue readingOn Being Malificent

Vogue Knitting Live!

Here I am, waiting for the bus on my way to attend Vogue Knitting Live. I really did not know what to expect, since I had never been. Last year I didn’t know about until it was too late. Luckily this year I was given … Continue readingVogue Knitting Live!

Window Pain

Window pane rain tapping I’m watching a volcano and I I’m a tornado making love to the wind and rain from my window pane in my little shop of horrors my home of odd things these odd things, they fascinate me window pane from my … Continue readingWindow Pain

On Faith, even when Godless

  The thing about having faith, is that it is an under rated thing. It really is. Faith is an under rated action. Faith has become a forgotten thing, something that only the naive persons flaunt. When a person claims to have faith, they are … Continue readingOn Faith, even when Godless

On the Importance of Having Style

Haven’t posted up any new art, though I have been making lots these days. I’ve been so busy. My eldest is in Girl Scouts, for which I am a co-leader, then I’ve got the holidays approaching, which is a busy time of year for me. … Continue readingOn the Importance of Having Style