How to make a cheap journal look awesome

So, it’s the new year. And every year, I buy myself a brand new journal to write in, even if the one I have is half empty. I still always do. It’s sort of a metaphor for me, to start something new. Anyway, I realized … Continue readingHow to make a cheap journal look awesome

My Year in Review

So it has come to that time of year, when we all choose to reinvent ourselves and change things, we create resolutions and all that good stuff. I’ve never been inclined to create resolutions, but I do enjoy looking back at the past year, and … Continue readingMy Year in Review

An ode to my children

An ode to my children, who keep me in line who keep me up late and make me smile. I miss you. You’re away with your father and oh how I miss you without you, mama is a holy hot mess.

Adventures in New Hope

Recently my daughters and I went to an art festival which turned out to be a bit smaller then we expected. We had lots of time on our hands, so instead we went off to New Hope, Pennsyvlania. I had heard lots of great things … Continue readingAdventures in New Hope

New York City: I love you to death

Kids went away to visit their grandma, so I took a trip to NYC to visit a few friends. We went to the MoMa, and on the street, there were these wonderful artists, selling their work on the street. Of course, I needed a picture … Continue readingNew York City: I love you to death