On questioning life, and drinking coffee

    Wrote this on my Facebook wall. Thought I’d share it with you. Wake up. Coffee. Sun rises. Think about all the responsibilities that I have weighted upon my shoulders. Squeeze in some time with the babies. Question life.

Camping and Philosophies from Nature

Last weekend, my kids, the tattooed man and I went out camping for the weekend. We took our new caravan that we got financed through Auto Finance Online (visit this website to read more), and I must say, it’s a great perk to have over … Continue readingCamping and Philosophies from Nature

The Nocturnal Life of a Single Mom

Made some new art recently. I think I had shown you a painting I made called, “An ode to my mother“. This is another in that series. This one is called, “I paint while my daughters lay sleeping” And it’s true, because I do.

Happiness and the Single Mom

I finally finished a crochet project. I’m so happy with it. I finished it off while Mr. Tattooed man and I went with our kids on a day trip. I don’t mind driving, but I’d rather him drive, so I can crochet. Here’s what I … Continue readingHappiness and the Single Mom

Art on the Farm!

This weekend, I went to an event in Yardley, Pennsylvania with my daughters, called “Art on the Farm”. It was a bit smaller of an event then what we expected, but we did have a bit of fun:

Seasons & Reasons

    He told me, in between kisses and paintings That nothing is ever promised I told him, I’d rather know I’d rather plan I’d rather have the notion in my head that if I believe in something Maybe it’ll happen Preachers preach of evil … Continue readingSeasons & Reasons

On my workspace

I thought I’d show you what’s on my desk today, as far as works in progress and such. This past weekend, I got together with a friend of mine who makes jewelry, and we got crafty together. It was so much fun, I loved it. … Continue readingOn my workspace

Going Up the Country

Recently I went with my girl scout brownie troop, to a day trip at Camp Lou Henry Hoover. My troop was filled with parents who weren’t ready to let their little girls go overnight, so our troop just went for the day. I had forgotten … Continue readingGoing Up the Country

Never give an 8 year old clothing as a birthday gift

Weekend birthoday celebratory hijinks consisted of hot weather, children running and playing and a piñata. Obviously, fun was had. My mother took it upon herself to tell my aunt to tell all of her children to please just buy her clothing. She didn’t check with … Continue readingNever give an 8 year old clothing as a birthday gift

On Being a Single Soccer Mom, and Throwback Thursday

I never thought I would, but I have become a soccer mom. I do not own a mini-van, and do love tattoos and punk rock, but yes, my daughter is in a soccer team here with the local recreational center. I wanted my daughter to … Continue readingOn Being a Single Soccer Mom, and Throwback Thursday