Journal Page Step by Step

I just finished a journal page, and managed to make a step by step video of my process. Here’s the video:       And the pictures:   This page is about intentions. What are your desires? What are your intentions?     I love … Continue readingJournal Page Step by Step

The Stag

Made some new art:   This is the Stag. The stag is an animal spirit that comes during a transitional period in your life, bringing you the confidence to start again, and begin your new path. The Stag is an animal with strong (obviously) male energy … Continue readingThe Stag

Inside the Artist’s Mind: Alex Elstabo

Last week, I sat down with my friend and mentor, Kathy. This week, I sat down with another personal friend of mine, named Alex. Alex is a classically trained artist, having studied illustration at the Fashion Institute of Technology. He was born and raised in … Continue readingInside the Artist’s Mind: Alex Elstabo