The Moon, the Stars & A new Vlog Post

So, I made some new art:   This one was a do-over. I painted over an old painting I hated, and got this from it. This is layers and layers of Deco Art paints and paint sprays, scraping tools, fiber paste and mediums. This piece … Continue readingThe Moon, the Stars & A new Vlog Post

She Asked The Moon

Made some new art: So I told him I’d brown out his soul make it kinky haired like mine, see I have a kinky haired soul, it’s Boriqua, baby it’s in the way that I talk the way that I slip in between spanish and … Continue readingShe Asked The Moon

On Memories Forgotten

I do not like to talk about my childhood. I don’t. I was reminded of this, while in conversation with a facebook friend of mine. She had posted something (and I quote, with her permission): “I’m perplexed by the notion some people have that talking … Continue readingOn Memories Forgotten