That kind of love

I want love to  Come directly for me Say it will never leave me  And be honest when it speaks  I want love to lay always beside me  And Take my body  My Mind and soul I want love to murder the person I used … Continue readingThat kind of love

When the Cloud Breaks

When the cloud breaks, where do you go?  When the darkness breaks and the tears have been shed  You will find me gazing at the moon  Laughing  Finally  Finally, there is this feeling I have not felt before  Finally there is a sense of …. … Continue readingWhen the Cloud Breaks

Safety as a feeling

When a person has been through trauma, safety is often a word that signifies the need to fight for such. Meaning, that when you have been through trauma, the feeling of safety is one that you must fight tooth and nail for. Peace is something … Continue readingSafety as a feeling

The Fixer Upper

I tried to make a mask out of the garbage life gave me I tried to. I tried to put on a mask, and valiantly show the world how strong I am  Hiding behind the loudness and trombone like way that I have  I really … Continue readingThe Fixer Upper

On Limitations and Life Goals

What would you do if anything were possible? This question seems rather intimidating when you think about it.  I suppose we are conditioned to believe that the impossible truly is impossible and that we all have limits to what we can and cannot accomplish in … Continue readingOn Limitations and Life Goals

From Hasid to Practicing Witch

If you’ve been following my blog for sometime now, then you probably know that I used to be a stay at home mom. That being so, I had a very good friend that I met when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Dakota. Her … Continue readingFrom Hasid to Practicing Witch

Poems recently written

Today, I thought I would share some poetry that I have been working on as of late and share a pictorial update on how I’ve been doing. Memories  Memories  Like the time you held my hand  Like the time I was not me  Like the … Continue readingPoems recently written

For Elizabeth

The light in her eyes has gone.  Once upon a time, she looked at me with light in her eyes and smiled.  Now, the light in her eyes is gone.  I would tell her of my life, and she would tell me stories of her … Continue readingFor Elizabeth

You already know who Arthur Fleck is

How we as a society created Joker The other day I finally had the chance to sit down and watch the movie the joker. I’ve been waiting to be able to actually have the time to sit down and watch this movie. So I was … Continue readingYou already know who Arthur Fleck is

What Mister Rogers taught me

Dear Mister Rogers:  There are very few television shows that stick out in my mind from my childhood.Growing up with the type of parents that I had, and a Latino home, meant that I really wasn’t able to watch the type of television or the … Continue readingWhat Mister Rogers taught me