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Fuck off, 2021

That title was a bit harsh. Today is January 1, 2022. It’s a new year. In retrospect, 2021 add a

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On Broken Hearts & Old Narratives

When a heart reaches it’s breaking point, how does it heal? How do you heal when you have reached the point when you feel you have nothing left to give? …

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That kind of love

I want love to  Come directly for me Say it will never leave me  And be honest when it speaks 

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When the Cloud Breaks

When the cloud breaks, where do you go?  When the darkness breaks and the tears have been shed  You will

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Safety as a feeling

When a person has been through trauma, safety is often a word that signifies the need to fight for such.

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The Fixer Upper

I tried to make a mask out of the garbage life gave me I tried to. I tried to put

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On Limitations and Life Goals

What would you do if anything were possible? This question seems rather intimidating when you think about it.  I suppose

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From Hasid to Practicing Witch

If you’ve been following my blog for sometime now, then you probably know that I used to be a stay

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Poems recently written

Today, I thought I would share some poetry that I have been working on as of late and share a

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For Elizabeth

The light in her eyes has gone.  Once upon a time, she looked at me with light in her eyes

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