From Hasid to Practicing Witch

If you’ve been following my blog for sometime now, then you probably know that I used to be a stay at home mom. That being so, I had a very good friend that I met when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Dakota. Her … Continue readingFrom Hasid to Practicing Witch

Poems recently written

Today, I thought I would share some poetry that I have been working on as of late and share a pictorial update on how I’ve been doing. Memories  Memories  Like the time you held my hand  Like the time I was not me  Like the … Continue readingPoems recently written

For Elizabeth

The light in her eyes has gone.  Once upon a time, she looked at me with light in her eyes and smiled.  Now, the light in her eyes is gone.  I would tell her of my life, and she would tell me stories of her … Continue readingFor Elizabeth

You already know who Arthur Fleck is

How we as a society created Joker The other day I finally had the chance to sit down and watch the movie the joker. I’ve been waiting to be able to actually have the time to sit down and watch this movie. So I was … Continue readingYou already know who Arthur Fleck is

What Mister Rogers taught me

Dear Mister Rogers:  There are very few television shows that stick out in my mind from my childhood.Growing up with the type of parents that I had, and a Latino home, meant that I really wasn’t able to watch the type of television or the … Continue readingWhat Mister Rogers taught me

In Faith

We all have that mountain to climb. That sea we must cross, knowing that on the other side, there is something greater waiting for us.  In the Bible, god helped Moses cross the Red Sea. Moses waved I’m his staff and the sea was parted … Continue readingIn Faith

New Poem: On the Dark Side of the Moon

On the Dark Side of The Moon On the dark land of the moon  Therein lies my spirit  My essence is there  Find me where the moon dwells  Look for me  Seek me  Offer me words and pretty things And as does the moon I … Continue readingNew Poem: On the Dark Side of the Moon

I am that: I am.

What I am now Is not what I was Who I am now Is not who I once was The Girl who hung her head in shame and Dared not tell others she Sees the dead and collects tarot cards and owl figurines The girl … Continue readingI am that: I am.

On Choices

Sometimes our bad choices are based on impulse, based on a lack of sobriety, based on friendships we may have. It reminds me of an old TV show are used to watch it was a very sarcastic clown and at the end of each “lesson … Continue readingOn Choices

To be worried about rainbows

You have to kill who you were born to be to be who you want to be.  But why is it that often, this is exactly what we do not do? All of my life I thought who I truly am. My entire life, I’ve … Continue readingTo be worried about rainbows