On Being a Single Soccer Mom, and Throwback Thursday

I never thought I would, but I have become a soccer mom. I do not own a mini-van, and do love tattoos and punk rock, but yes, my daughter is in a soccer team here with the local recreational center. I wanted my daughter to join a sports team, not because I love sports. I don’t. But, it helps her stay active, teaches her to follow instructions, and she makes great new friends in the process.

There’s nothing better than seeing my daughter glowing with excitement for all the fun activities we participate in. From Soccer, to school fairs, there’s always something fun to do, and I love it this way.

I thought I’d share some pictures with you.



Last Saturday, it was a bit chilly, so she wore leggings underneath her shorts. I am so proud to see my daughter adapting to life as it is now. It isn’t easy for June Cleaver to get a divorce and attempt to find love again, but when her children thrive and seem happy, it makes things a lot easier on June Cleaver. From my observations of the dating world, men seem to see my children as a stumbling block; never a blessing. They see them as a flaw in my character like, “she’s nice but she has small children.”

The truth is, nothing could be further from the truth. My children are my bragging rights. My children are a thing to flaunt and be proud of. I think that men in suburbia do not welcome a woman with children as the men in New York do. New York City men seem to not be phased at all, nor do they see my children as a flaw in my character. Instead, they understand that these are things to flaunt.

A woman with children needs love too. And to be completely frank, at my age, I almost wonder why you do not have any children. It shouldn’t be a flaw in my character, that I know how to love a child, that I can care for a tiny human being, and nurture. These should be things to highlight, not things to fade out in a person. Being a mother does not make me flawed.



I call her my flaquita (skinny little girl), because she is a bit of a skinny girl like her good ol’ mama. It is all in love, though.




Go, Dakota! Afterwards, we celebrated her team win with a mother/daughter lunch at Five Guys. We had so much fun.

DSCF3761 IMG_20121019_115530

I spun up this yarn. It’s not for sale, it’s just for me. Maybe I’ll make a hat with it. Or hoard it, because that’s how I roll. There’s nothing better than hoarding yarn. And art supplies. And Rubber stamps. Oh, and here’s a throwback Thursday of an old project from long ago:


These are swap cards I made a couple years ago. I used to participate in a lot of mail art swaps, and enclosing a swap card with your contact info is always helpful. The lotus is a handcarved stamp I made, and I used gold embossing powder made by Clearsnap.

I’ve been quite busy working on a new project, but soon I’ll be posting a fun little shrine I worked on. I’ll post pictures of it soon enough.




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