Little Red Elephant



Little red elephant sits in my room

she burns my intentions

into the universe

red, being passion

red being love

red being the desire

of things that turn red

Little red elephant

sits in my space

among my collections of owls and cats


sits in between my collection of handmade dolls that conjur the sacred

in between a pendant of clay and my vintage brass bell

these things, they

make up a small piece of who I am

they shape me, somehow

and the boy, who knows my

ways of loving old vintage items

so gave me a doll

that sits in this space

next to the red candle

I burned just to meet him

near to a lotus flower

embroidered for me

near to a tiara

also given to me when I

turned 21 for the 19th time

and a lucky cat

Little red elephant

holds a picture of what I hold dear

near to her, she collects the energy

of all these small things

that tell a story

they tell a story of their own, and together

they tell my story

Now the red elephant

is a part of that story

and the boy

and the doll he bought me

all part of the vintage story I tell.




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