And She Stands Alone



And she stands alone

as a man she sees, he saw soldiers marching while I saw the corpses of native Americans


and she stands alone,

as he saw the infantry marching

the proud soldiers holding their guns

while I saw the Shaman

who turns herself into the mighty spider woman

and I saw the lady who looks after the forest

the trees and the animals therein

I see the goddess of the forest

who calls herself Diana

In this land we saw two sides of the same coin

in this land where our ancestors lived

And I kissed him there

in that magical land where the fairies dwell

where life begins

In that land where my ancestors lived

he told me his truth and I told him mine

in that magical place where life begins

in this land that therein once

many years ago

lived the native Americans

this place they call a reservation

there in this place

she stood alone

while he saw the ghosts and bones of bloodied soldiers

while I saw the sadness of the spirits

while I saw the spirits and the bones of the Natives

their spirits cry in the wilderness of this land

their spirits

they cry to me

there, in the land where they once did dwell

in that land

And we two, we saw two sides of the same coin

the two sides

the lonely soldiers marching he saw

and the native woman mourning

over the loss of her land

now the mythical story presents itself: this mythical story of love

that never existed

that was only a lie

that was only space and time and nothing else

just air

empty words unspoken

this is what it felt like

this is what it turned out to be

this is what it is

and she sees corpses

and she walks alone


and alone.

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