On Declaring What You Want

Ask and you shall receive is what people tell you, both in religions and in the law of attraction. I’ve learned lately the idea that like attracts like. So if you concentrate on being broken, on feeling broken, and feeling lonely and sad, you’ll likely attract people who are in the same boat.

I decided to work on some collage work in my visual journal today, in efforts to sort of decide what it is I want in life. Or rather, to declare myself on a page. Take a look:


I  had forgotten how much fun it is to cut and paste images from magazines in a fun way. I even found a folder with scrapbook papers and magazine clippings I had been saving. It’s fun to do this. Fashion magazines really have lots of images and words that lend themselves nicely to collage work and mixed media. Another neat tip: find some vintage magazines. Those are loads of fun to cut up!

I love little colorful bits of papers. I love that she has her eyes closed, perhaps in a prayer to the universe or something.

So, for some of us art is our passion. But then, we get to the point in our artistic journey where we’d like to make a buck off of our talent. After all, doesn’t everyone want to make a living doing something that they love? Sure. We all do. The thing about it is, we need to find a balance, and find a way to shape our art as a way of life, instead of as a way to pay the rent. When we do this, the money does indeed follow.

PROMPT: How can you make your art more about making a life then a living? What is the difference to you between having a life and making a living? Are they one and the same for you? If so, why?


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