Art Journal Flip Through

Recently I got a new camera, and that being so, I decided to do a little flip through of my in progress art journal. It is in progress because it’s not all full yet.

So this is my little art journal! I should mention that all the stencils and acrylic paints are provided by Deco Art.

I really love working in a cheapie composition notebook because it just feel so much more fullfilling. It’s like it does not matter if I screw up, because it’s cheap paper. I love it. Lynda Barry, one of my favorite living artists, uses cheap yellow lined paper. You know, the kind that you get from that temp job at the office? Yeah, that.

I also love using a composition notebook because I can write AND draw and paint. I feel like I do not want to commit to having one art journal just for painting. I want one book where I can write lists, make art, and write poetry and vent when I have to. So that’s why I use a cheapie composition notebook.



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