Enter the Dragonfly

I’m a big believer in creating your own inspiration. I know many of us as artists, we often want to wait for the magical moment when we go through a manic phase that inspires us to create like mad, but this does not happen frequent enough. For the artist, art is like a drug that must be taken in daily.

So, I create my own inspiration, and of course wrote about it in my e-book that I have for sale. One big source of inspiration for me in nature. I love nature, but not in the same sense as others may say, where it is pretty to look at and nice to photograph, though that is true. I love nature for the way it makes me feel. I feel restored in nature. It gives me the same calming effect that painting has on me. It is like this unstoppable force in nature that makes me feel alive. So these days I have been painting quite a few things that I see in nature.

This is the Dragonfly. Dragonflies are symbolic of change, and of transformation. They speak of the ability to adapt to change, and delve deeper into your emotions.

This painting is about exploring the inner self, and seeing what it is you have to say to the world, in a time when perhaps you’ve gone through a major transition.

These paintings are not really auto-biographical as are my poems and illustrations. These paintings are me looking at myself from the outside, seeing what I like and what makes me feel things inside.

This painting is FOR SALE HERE.



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