Sitting Alone


I’m sitting within myself

holding fire in my hands

visions of my slumber

I dream of not sleeping alone

but it’s just me

sitting here, in the field of forever

holding the fire of passion in my hands

I’m just gonna stand here and watch it burn

walking through the empty city streets


in between coffee andĀ cigarette butts I shall walk

with the visions of tomorrow in my mind

my brain, wired with the thoughts that plague it daily

even the clouds weep for me

Did I hear someone whisper to me?

Did I hear the voice of my future beloved?

I speak often with the faith of a child

life destroys me with it’s smile of reality

I live in this little bubble

Maybe I’m in too deep

sometimes the silence feels like the crows that follow me

other times the silence softly commits murder

to the small pieces of faith you have

in Never Never Land

In the early morning hours I rise


through the city that fuels me

with visions of tomorrow on my mind

my brain, wired

The trees are weeping for me

the trees, ever remembering the past

they cry for me

lie for me

raise their hands for me

in hopes that there be a god in heaven to hear my hopes for the future

this kind of life

some sort of scene from a greek play

while others lie on the street naked

mad from life

I lie near the cemetery gates

and await the next phase of my life


Right, so it is quite cold in this part of the world. Freezing, actually. It makes me wish I lived in a warmer climate, but knowing me, I’d miss the cold. I like the change of seasons. I do. I love looking at the beautiful full moon while standing at the edge of the ocean at night in the summer, or going hiking in the fall with my daughters. I love that it’s cold during Christmas time. These things, they give you something to look forward to. I look forward to sweater weather of the spring. I look forward to being able to go out with just my boots and a sweater. I love the changing of the seasons.




Winter means hibernation. Winter means staying home and baking and and making art all night. It means hearing me bitch about the cold, not going out for a smoke at night, and watching cop shows on television. It means keeping up to date on my favorite kinds of music (thanks to Youtube). It means projects. It means ideas. It means staying in. It means being lazy. Winter means Santa Claus. It means yarn and crocheting. And knitting. But winter, I’m tired of you. I’m tired and I’d very much enjoy a bit of spring and summer. I really would.

Oh, here’s a couple of bits from my art journal:

(This piece was a collaborative effort between my daughter Dakota and I.)


This page is probably wishful thinking. It’s funny. Nothing has jaded me more than online dating. I was actually propositioned on a popular dating site that claims to help you find your “match”. Then on another site that claims to help you find love and marriage, I found a guy who has a girlfriend, and just wanted a side piece. I’m unsure as to why he was on a dating for intention of marriageĀ site, if only to perhaps find a “nice” girl to take advantage of. Too bad for him, that this nice girl, is also one hell of a bitch. Oh the wonders of online dating.

Oh, but I have a new zine I just recently published. Take a look:


It’s my latest book of poems that speak of the Latina experience from my perspective. Some things are sweet while some are of a political nature. You can make my weekend wonderful by CLICKING HERE TO PURCHASE.