The Bird Takes Flight

So, I just finished making this new sculpture. I’m really excited to show you a few pictures:



Here it is. You like it? I used the reversed side of a pre-stretched canvas, Americana Acyrlic paints by Deco-Art, Deco-Art Media misters, and Deco-Art media Fluid acrylics (and paperclay).

Oh, and a close up:





So that is my project! Do you like it?

I created this based on a poem. It reads:

From the flames a bird rises

and takes flight

from the fire and ash, she rises to live

and love



This short little poem comes from the idea that sometimes when relationships end, we often want to think just like the song by the Doors:



We want to think that this is the end of finding love again, but I believe in love. I do not know if there is a god, nor if there is a heaven above, but I know that love has incredible power. Love creates. Love heals. We are beings that have been called to love. And so, I believe that love can happen again, and that is what this artwork is about.


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