new day job = new desk in which to work on.

I finally have lots of space to draw and paint on. It’s nice to not have to sketch on a wobbly TV dinner table.

Those are my watercolors. I am really loving the Dr. Ph Martin’s concentrated watercolors, as well as my old faithful- my Neocolor Watercolor Crayons. Yes.

I have a work in progress I thought I’d show you today.

These are going to be Affirmation flags, which will go for sale in my shop. Each one is hand painted and is a unique work of art, that you can keep in your home as a reminder of the power of affirmations.

I really love that the law of attraction affirms the things you want and love.

Oh, and I made myself a skirt.


I love it. I’m going to make another, once I finish up a hooded sweater for my eldest.

And that’s all for now.