He told me, in between kisses and paintings

That nothing is ever promised

I told him, I’d rather know

I’d rather plan

I’d rather have the notion in my head that if I believe in something

Maybe it’ll happen

Preachers preach of evil fate

And our naïve minds believe them, begging

Begging for change that we wish to see in the world, begging for peace from our inner demons and our emotional baggage

We live this life, in between shadows and light

In between now and forever, WE REALLY WANT TO HAVE A PLAN

I’d really love to have a plan

Someone tell me that maybe there’s a way

Maybe there’s someone

Or something

That I can count on


Nothing in this world is promised

Nothing in this world is a sure thing, it’s all clouds and rainbows that we long to touch

Nothing is forever

They say that love can last a lifetime

They say good can conquer evil

But often I see that it’s the other way around, I don’t know

I just don’t understand why we are taught the opposite of what life is

Love ain’t forever. Good usually does NOT triumph over evil. And Karma, though it may be called a bitch,

Is nonexistent.

Now, this may seem a lot to take in

So I’ll spell it out for you another way: just do you. Just focus on you. All the other shit around you

That may crumble. That may fall. That may tear itself down

I heard this man say to me once:

Nothing lasts forever

Then he leaned over and kissed me, my emotional walls, made of paper, were getting quite moist

And I built them up half way

And reminded myself that nothing lasts forever

Seasons and reasons, a friend told me

Nothing lasts forever

But                         we cling to these ideas that perhaps we can pray

And get on our knees and believe that some pie in the sky is going to listen

He’s gonna listen

And he’s gonna gimme what I want

We cling to the stupidity behind these beliefs

It’s all bullshit

There’s no god to listen to you

There’s no universe out there

If I tell a million people my plans

Ain’t shit gonna happen

You know why? Because nothing lasts forever

And when you really understand this

And when you truly get it in your head

You realize

It’s okay to give in sometimes

Because nothing lasts forever

And it’s all for a season

And a reason.


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