The Summer you were born

was the summer I became a mother and I

came alive

finally I

saw the world in color

the summer you were born, was the summer

I was born

I was made

from blood, diapers and breastmilk

you created me as I created you

my little teacher

teh summer I gave birth to you

I finally learned to laugh

to smile

I learned to look at the moon

and smile at the rain


summer you were born

and when I birthed you

I birthed myself

and when I mother you

I mother myself


are my twin soul

the summer you were born

I kissed you on your shoulder

and took you home

and fell in love


The winter when you were born

was a warmer winter then ever

because you came to me

because you were born in it

the winter you were born

the trees greeted you

the birds came to my window

just to greet you

and the neighbors heard you come into the world

in the apartment you were born in

in the city of New York

in the winter you were born in

The winter in which you were born

was the winter in which I healed

from certain stuff and nonsense forced upon me, I

really didn’t know how to let go

until you

came to me.

until you

made it all go away

it didn’t matter anymore

because you were here

So this summer

and this winter

were the two best season of my life: when motherhood came to me

and I came alive

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