The story of SHE

Made some new art.


she is






she will live and breathe these roles

till the day that she is gone

6 feet under


hangs her head not in sadness

but from the weight of it all

and sometimes it just gets all in her head

it just lingers

these roles she plays

these roles put on her

but she has thick skin

and an elastic heart

she lives for the simplicity of a smile

for the beauty of nature


crappy television shows that her daughters watch with her

and her way of ordering food in a sort of Harry met sally Kafkaesque sort of way,

she lives for these moments

these moments when her lips touch his

when he smiles

when he calls her


she is alleviated from the weight of the world with all these things she chooses to surround herself with: art, poetry, music and love

and these beautiful things in life

they make the stresses of life

just a bit sweeter.

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