What it means to give me a kiss

Little pots of paint make me happy.

It inspires me to create beautiful things. I got a new art journal. I have a watercolor journal that I sketch in, but this new one is just for throwing paint around.

Te deseo.

Me deseas.

(I desire you, you desire me)

These are lyrics from a Reggeaton song by a group called Zion y Lennox. I recently started seeing someone, and since I met him, the song has been stuck in my head.

A close up. I sometimes just want to throw paint around on a page without regard to the form or composition or anything.

No true kiss

is ever anything less

than madness

There’s a spark of electricity there

in that

that impulsive moment of madness when your lips meet

it isn’t about thinking

it isn’t about anything but that one moment filled with Eros

when your impulses reign

and you close your eyes, and your lips meet

and I think

every now and again

we meet that someone who gives us this: that kiss that lasts forever

that moment in which you could close your eyes forever into that kiss

into never never land

once in a great while

we meet these people with magic hands

this sort of magic person

and his kiss

it’s electrifying

kisses are seeds and when planted

and nurtured

they grow

and love comes

no true kiss is every anything less

than madness

than….sheer abandon, like

you can feel it in every fiber of your being

it is that



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