Camping and Philosophies from Nature

Last weekend, my kids, the tattooed man and I went out camping for the weekend. We took our new caravan that we got financed through Auto Finance Online (visit this website to read more), and I must say, it’s a great perk to have over traditional camping – being able to bring that caravan with you. I know a lot of people who just go in a camper van and take a RV battery, but I have to say I much prefer going in my caravan. I had forgotten how much I love the woods, and how great it is to get away from it all, and just breathe. I didn’t bring any art supplies, just my camera (to document it all). As a disclaimer to that though, I’d always heavily advise bringing along food for camping without a cooler or refrigerator. It’s imperative that you have food supplies with you – and food that doesn’t require cooling, and no cooking where possible.

I think about these hollow trees and wonder if a little owl lives there with her little owlets.

I felt at times like a fairy, flittering about this wonderful state forest, in awe of it all.

The tattooed man told me that the pretty vines choke and kill the trees, so the park rangers cut them somehow. It’s interesting to note the metaphor in this. In life, if we hold on to something too tight, the same thing happens. We choke the other person. Often times we hold on because people in our past have hurt us, left us, or cheated us. So when we finally find someone that has patience enough to put up with our shit, we want to hold on for dear life. This of course, does nothing positive. We must learn to let go.

I used to be the type to want to latch on for dear life, holding on tightly and not letting go. I guess I’ve mellowed out. I realized that a flower does not need to shout for attention. Just by standing in it’s truth, and in it’s beauty, people stop and see the glory and the beauty that a flower brings. And so, I strive to be like a flower.

When you stand in your truth, and choose to love yourself, you can appreciate life just a bit more. You can love a bit more. You can laugh a bit more.

This is Harold, the lazy butterfly who didn’t feel like flying. Instead, he chose to hitch a ride with us while we were hiking.

I told Dakota, that maybe Butterflies are her spirit animal. Butterflies seem to seek her out quite often. Then the tattooed man joked that maybe mosquitos are my spirit animal since I get bitten by them so much. I told him, it doesn’t quite work that way. LOL.

I loved this trip, and I can’t wait to go again! I love camping, though I am not very good at cooking over a camp fire. Anyone got tips on cooking over a camp fire?

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