On questioning life, and drinking coffee



Wrote this on my Facebook wall. Thought I’d share it with you.

Wake up. Coffee. Sun rises. Think about all the responsibilities that I have weighted upon my shoulders.

Squeeze in some time with the babies. Question life.

I question life and I wonder the intentions of others who have not so declared what they want with me, what they want with the spending of time with me.

I know what I want. I always have.

Good friends, even when I’m feeling like I don’t want to talk. Death. The death of two good friends. The loss of the name I held for 12 years, is cause for celebration.

Wonder. Wonder at the universe and all it’s glory. Chant. Meditation. Love. Kisses.
Day job. Grateful for it. One republican and one socialist.
People mistake kindness for my being a fool, think me unintelligent because of my looks.

Want love. Wanting love in an uninhibited way, and not because I beg for it, but because I deserve it.

I’m tough and I’m strong. I’m loud sometimes and quiet sometimes because that’s how I roll.
I never regret the actions I’ve taken or people I’ve been with in the past, because it’s a learning experience. It is about learning and growing and realizing the things you want in life and from a partner. 

More coffee. Give my offspring kisses.


Life is hard and it is a lonely road for the single mother. The single mother-the mother and father in one. The one who reads bedtime stories and dreads the day her children will bring someone home; she realizes she must be both the nurturer and the teacher.
Drink coffee and think about the weather while over analyzing the intentions of those she spends time with and prepares for the day ahead. Get through today. The rest will figure itself out.

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