get down little bird

stay in this world with me

while the wind does howl

while the rain does fall

and the birds sing

in this world of mine

I invite you in

look down upon me and stay with me

stay in this magical place I call the every day

I stayed in just thinking, just hoping for a kiss or two

and you lured me in

you did coax me in to your scent

and your brown feathers

and your wonderful world of colors and paints and pictures and music and the activist in me is quite pleased with you

and your reluctant smile

come little bird and smile upon me

come little bird and kiss me once more

little bird look down upon me

look at me kind sir

your skin and your scent allures me

I want you in my magical land

so I invite him in

that little bird

that man

his scent allures me

I’ll take him in

and invite him into my world to stay for as long as he pleases

as long as he wishes to stay

and invite him into my land of fairies and magical places and people and things

I shall invite him into my fairy world

for I am

the fairy queen

with my little ones at my side

I’ll ask him

“little bird look down upon me

for your scent allures me

your smile captures me

you are alluring to my fairy soul”

and the wind does moan

and I am the fairy queen of lonesome souls

little bird come to my world

look down upon me and shine your magic light upon me

the self you think as sad and pessimistic

is nothing of the kind

little bird, little bird

this song I sing to you

it is a song from a fairy to a bird

little bird look down upon me

I live among the flowers

with my crown of daisies I call myself queen of this land

I am the queen of the lonesome souls

come down to my world and shine your pretty light upon me

build a nest with me made of shiny pretty things

come to my world, little bird

it isn’t as scary as you think

these words on a page

is the song that comes

when a fairy sings to a bird