How to Start a Revolution

I was talking the other day to my boyfriend about my past, and how I used to be quite the political activist back in the days (before I had children). I marched down the streets of Washington DC, protesting the murder of innocent people in the name of oil. I marched down the streets of Philadelphia and New York demanding social justice. I made signs. I wrote letters (back when people actually sent letters in the mail).

                                                                    (I don’t have blonde hair anymore)

Then I became a mother, and while it did not change my perspective politically, it did change what I chose to spend my time on. Motherhood made me want to shift my focus from being the angry feminist activist, to being the docile Buddha-like mother. I wanted to focus on being the mother I always wanted to have growing up-that zen like mom that encourages your ideas and fills your brain with knowledge and feminist ideals. That’s what I wanted, and that is what I wanted to be as a mother. So, I embraced motherhood. I embraced MY idea of what being a mother is. And I put my activist hat away. I did’t throw it away-just hung it up for a minute, to focus on my children.


Motherhood got me back in touch with my creative side. I began doing collage work, and learned to crochet. I started doing creative things like needlepoint and card making and such. Thus began my blogging adventure, with me starting a blog, and going by the alias “The Craftaholic”.

Being the activist that I still am at my core, I realized something. There is power in what you purchase. There is power in giving your money to a mother of three in Indiana, as opposed to giving your money to a Right wing rich man in a suit who is opposed to your reproductive rights. There is power in giving that mother your money. When you purchase a pair of slippers from a person, you are purchasing diapers for their child. You are purchasing gas money for a day trip to Hershey Park. You are purchasing crayons and back to school supplies. You are purchasing food for the couple’s dog, who has no child.


You create tiny revolutions as a maker. Your hands have this power that is almost infinite. Your hands that create, can also create a revolution. Each and every time you sit down to create art, you also create a revolution. You create this revolution of peace, a revolution that is not filled with consumerism and greed, but is filled with a zen-like peace where it’s okay to just sit and paint.



You see, art is revolutionary.



It changes how you view the world both for the artist and the viewer.

Your priorities shift-just as when you become a parent. When you are an artist, material goods no longer become all that important-so long as you have your art supplies, you’re (generally) satisfied. Consumerism isn’t a thing. Art is the thing. As an artist, you can create your message in your art, and in your craft.

For me, my message is in my poetry. My message of the struggles of a latina woman is in my poems, and in the paintings I create. This is MY revolution-the revolution that puts money in the hands of the makers, the poets, the artists, the mothers, the fathers-THE PEOPLE. My revolution is the one that gives power to the people.

Power to to the People!

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