Today’s WIP Wednesday post comes with a lesson.


This two page spread was fun. I created it by covering the page first with dictionary paper, It’s fun to paint over used paper.

So this last page is one of intention. You’ve heard me mention the Law of Attraction before. To me, the law of attraction has just been something that has really worked for me.

The Law of attraction isn’t just about positive thoughts, or denying your negative emotions. To me, it’s about changing the way you think. I know times are tough. I know shit is hard these days. To me, the law of attraction isn’t a magic pill that makes things all better-it’s something that helps me change my way of thinking; and when you change the way you see things, the things you look at change.

And the truth is, I decided that I want to reflect my desires and wishes and hopes into my art. Or at least, into my visual journal. It’s important to be able to reflect not just your suffering, but your hopes as well.

It reminds me of a conversation I had once with my mother. I told her, I hope that one day I will be rewarded for my suffering. She told me, “Diana life is suffering.” Buddhism teaches that this is so, as does Christianity. Life is suffering. But in using the law of attraction, we can, at the very least, change the way we view life. It doesn’t always have to be difficult. Things can come easily. It can be easy. Life can be easy, if we just try to remember that everything we need comes to us at the right time. This is what this spread is about-it’s about me telling myself as a reminder, that everything I need in life comes to me when it’s meant to.


Why don’t you try using affirmations in your visual journal? It doesn’t have to be a whole phrase, it can just be a simple word or two, as I’ve done in this spread.

Make a page or two that has a word or phrase that can help remind you that better times are ahead, and that everything you need in life will come when it’s meant to.



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