WIP Wednesday

It’s WIP Wednesday, but I have no arty WIPs. I do have a crochet blanket I started working on this weekend:

If I have the time, I’d like to finish this off by Fall, so it can match the colors of the season. I started working on this at my family’s barbeque at the Delaware Water Gap. Took a few pictures, and here’s one:

There’s so much beauty in nature that often it almost seems overwhelming.

I also realized that this was probably the last shot like this that I take for the year. The rest of the year will likely be cooler-too cool to wear sandals, I’m thinking.

I did manage to finish up a new girl:

This one is called, “I see myself as a tiny Buddha”, and it’s about being able to finally see yourself and be able to express what you believe in spiritually. It’s about identifying the things you see and believe in, and knowing they are your truth.

This painting is for sale in my shop HERE.


Oh, and here’s a little something new I’ll be offering soon:

art promo 3

This will be a new interactive group featuring art tutorials, writing and art prompts, meditation sessions, weekly oracle readings, and weekly check ins to help you move beyond your creative block! You get all the benefits of an intuitive coaching session with me, except that you’ll have a group setting with your peers.
This is a great way to learn more and gain more creative knowledge while also actively working at your art and finding ways to make you the source of your muse. FREE THE ARTIST WITHIN and be your own muse!
Other coaching session are geared towards the average everyday person, but you’re a creative soul! You’re not average, right? You need a program that is tailor made for the artist at a low “starving artist” price that doesn’t cost hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars. My new interactive program called, “FREE THE ARTIST WITHIN” is just that, and so much more.
Learn techniques, gain wisdom and insight, get exclusive content that will not be found anywhere else, all at a very modest price.
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